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    FORMAL is cancelled :(

    My formal got the green light so thats nice.
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    Silly mistakes

    Probably do timed tests at home to train yourself.
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    anyone else feeling unmotivated in year 12?

    Exact situation unfortunately.
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    How to study for English?

    Not sure about themes, but for quotes, I used the starting letter of every quote and created a mnemonic.
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    What happens if you get a 0 in paper 1 for Year 12 Hscs

    In the NESA website it says: To be eligible for the award of the HSC a student must have satisfied the requirements in at least twelve preliminary level units, and at least ten HSC level units, with the additional requirements that: at least two must be English units; at least six units must...
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    What happens if you get a 0 in paper 1 for Year 12 Hscs

    They should have an alternative paper that's much harder. I'm sure you can still receive your HSC.
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    You could use thsc online to find trial papers.
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    Should I pick up 4U mathematics?

    Do 4u. It's always easier dropping 4u to 3u but difficult going the other way around.
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    What is the difference between payment in advance and clean payment

    payment in advance is payment is sent by the buyer before goods are sent clean payment is payment is sent to, but not received by exporters before goods are transported.
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    The detailed solution to Q36 HSC Physics 2019

    Thank you sir, very helpful for my upcoming physics trial.