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    Design and Technology notes WANTED

    Hi, if anyone has any dnt notes, it'd be much appreciated. For both preliminary and HSC, I don't mind. THANKSS
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    1st in HSC Economics//5 Years Experience//State Ranking Resources

    Will you be accepting 2021 students soon?
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    Tuition Scholarships

    Theres no harm in applying + you get to take a test (practise?). Those places are quite expensive and I believe they'd benefit. I would also recommend applying for scholarships in highschool. Here's a general link: .
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    Need help for how to structure chemistry depth study.

    Hi! If you'd like you could look at my depth study. PM if you want it :) I also have a structure I got from my teacher.
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    Best Uni for Nursing

    UTS is ranked 7th in the world for nursing so I'd say that's a good option.
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    Year 11 Subjection Selection

    I think that you have a good mix of subjects but just note that you can't do extension 2 english in year 11 unless you've done an accelerated course or something along the terms of that. The highest you can do in year 11 is ext 1 so just keep that in mind. I think that, if you're willing to put...
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    Any advice, information, tips and insights on St. Mary's Senior High School?

    TBH, theres no harm in applying! I currently go there and I feel like, depending on what you do, who you hang out with and etc... Your experience at SMSHS can be completely different from another. I would say that you should apply to smshs but also apply to other schools with higher rankings...
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    Year 12 Subjects

    Hi, so I've really been reconsidering what subjects I want to do in year 12. I've been falling really behind in 2 out of 7 subjects and I wanted people's opinions on if I dropped them. So I currently do: Japanese Beginners Economics Chemistry Maths Advanced English Extention 1 Design and...
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    The advice given has been more than enough but if you're still struggling, I recommend attending some web seminars for subject selection held by tutoring centres or I think USYD has one as well. I'll link it down below...
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    Talent 100?

    Ahh well usually I just take notes straight from my textbook and then use flashcards to reinforce the content I’m struggling with. If I have any questions I would ask my teacher :) How about you?
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    Talent 100?

    I’ve been doing good in economics in terms of marks. I received full marks for my last task so I think I’m not doing awfully. However, I do want to get ahead of my class so I was considering tutoring :D Do you do economics?
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    Talent 100?

    Hi!! So I'm in year 11 right now and I was wondering if Talent 100 is a good tutoring centre. I've been recommended to go for english and economics but does anyone have any thoughts? If you went there previously, I'd love to hear your experiences :D (Also if you went for economics in...
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    getting a job!

    Personally, I do junior english tutoring and it's pretty good although it's not always so certain. If you did well in your exams, I'm sure that you can charge $40+ p/h.
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    St Mary's Senior High School (smshs)

    I don't think it's possible to enrol this late into the year. The last time new people enrolled was when other people gave up their spots after attending for a while. I'm pretty sure that happened around mid of term 1. I'm not completely sure if I'm right so I think it's best to call them. If...
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    St Marys Into Girraween

    btws, theres no harm in applying! If you get in, you have a second option. If you don't, it doesn't matter much since I'm sure you'll do fine at whatever school you end up at. I applied to a few schools last year and I ended up going to smshs however its still a pretty good school !! However, I...