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    has anyone ever done an edutest?

    I'm practically in the same boat as you right now (have to do an edutest in two days for entrance into yr11). But for your information l have done a practice test which I found to be no less than a fat ripoff. Not only was the test extremely expensive ($27.50) and sinch, but it was no where near...
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    Transferring into a new High School?? Urgent!

    I currently go to a top 15 selective high school right now and I am thinking of transferring into a better selective school next year (for yr11). I've kept good grades recently but I'm not the best of the best. I have considered trying out for James Ruse, North Sydney Boys and Baulkham Hills. I...
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    Kurt Entrance Exam

    I like how every one of these responses is irrelevant to what ninjia had asked for