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    Transition: HSC Maths to University Maths

    From my experience (pure maths/usyd): 1. I've never come across a lecturer who's clearer than their course notes, especially at 8 in the morning. YMMV but I generally marks were inversely corollated with lecture attendance, because I only really attended lectures for subjects I was struggling...
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    First year student: Buying textbooks now or later...

    Buy on ebay you can get them even cheaper, and within a few days
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    Best Commerce Major for Commerce/Advance Maths

    Pretty much this. 8:30-6 or 6:30 is the norm in retail institutional banks.
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    Best Commerce Major for Commerce/Advance Maths

    100 hour study weeks are absolutely incomparable to working those hours. Nobody gives a fuck about your med degree.
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    Best Commerce Major for Commerce/Advance Maths

    Hard science will get you the hardcore finance jobs.
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    Aboriginals Recognised in Constitution

    Remove the race power, replace it with a race power.
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    Best Commerce Major for Commerce/Advance Maths

    If you can't hack actuarial studies you're not going to make it as a quant.
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    B Commerce and Science (adv. Math)

    The maths degree alone is probably a better in with the business itself, though HR will erroneously look for finance qualifications when choosing people for the financial markets part of a bank. Probably better off going with a software (or comp sci)/maths combo such that you have a solid skill...
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    UTS Rollcall 2012

    M Quantitative Finance - 1st year
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    B Commerce and Science (adv. Math)

    Quant roles generally aren't going to find a commerce degree terribly useful.
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    I like maths, will I enjoy actuarial studies?

    Just about any grad who's employed by a bank can get 60K. Actuarial is baby maths. Adv maths is A+
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    BIT Industry Placements

    We had some first year BITs at my work this year that went from early July to early December. You should probably speak to the placement co-ordinator about this.
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    Double degrees- A heavy load??

    A combined degree is not a heavier load. You're still doing the same number of subjects as you would be for a single degree. I did Engineering/Science and towards the end of my degree managed to work is such that I only had 2-3 days of uni a week (though I've been told this may be more...
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    Egyptian Revolution

    Re: What do you think of the current revolution in Egypt? That's not what I was arguing.