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  • see i just got this PM

    Oi srs stop messaging wll, what you're doing is not ok. Stop trying to cop sympathy and pity points this is just sick and a joke talk to a councillor instead of praying on young girls.
    i guess you think im a creep. which wouldnt be far off from the truth, i am a creep. it just gets so lonely never being able to talk to anyone.
    Lol its more like I spend too much time relaxing.. Or more like some sort weird combination of panicing and relaxing lol.

    Wanna chat on skype instead?
    Thanks for talking to my depressed ass. Im surprised you weren't put off by me at this point.

    I might check that series out.. I got so much uni work to do though. urgh
    Thank you :) You're very friendly. Yeah I'm into anime (if you couldnt tel from my avatar lol). Did you get into any other series lately?

    Ive got an internet friend but tehy live in America so its hard to talk to them :p
    You should read it, the manga is a lot better than the anime. Shiraishi is a total cutie.

    Its not pressure, I want to talk. I check BoS all the time
    I had the most amazing dream this morning but forgot almost all of it. It was a captivating love story about a Japanese man who meets his long-lost childhood friend from next door at the police academy, who disappeared because she was ashamed that her house was sinking into the ground lower than his house.
    Seriously considering asking some cash-strapped Chinese international student at my uni to do it. Yeah I'm messed up .-.

    Some 'professionals' do a lot more for less btw
    Good luck la. Wow accelerated course, thats such an asian thing to do .-.

    Theoretical question, would you accept $100 to hug for 15 minutes?
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