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Recent content by wrong_turn

  1. wrong_turn

    Is it too much to ask for a job/career in arts, social science etc etc that pays good, has very good job growth and highly satisfying?

    Coding is extremely tedious and a majority of solutions are driven not by the devs but by the Business. It is true that a lot of comm/eco grads will not have coding skills but it is also true that these skills can be picked up on the job. From my experience a lot of devs although are great at...
  2. wrong_turn

    Have I messed up my chance for success already?

    I honestly don't believe your degree performance creates a lasting impression on your career post-uni. Having peformed at a pass average in my degree, it has not impacted my opportunities in my career. I am not the exception and it works the other way with good grades at Uni. Albiet good grades...
  3. wrong_turn

    HELP on business/commerce major?

    Tbh, choose a major you are interested in. Unless you are obtaining a separate qualification or fulfilling pre-reqs it makes very little difference when you graduate. Go for the desirable skills such as proficiency in data, problem solving and negotiation.
  4. wrong_turn

    BCom or BBA (Urgent)

    I can't speak to HR careers. Generally, it would be an advantage to have a information systems degree if you plan to go into an Operations/Delivery career. For a specific industry this may change what you need. Those in operations often progress their careers into project work. It usually...
  5. wrong_turn

    B Comm/Eco or B Comm/Info Sys

    The finance industry is littered with projects in today's industries. BIS provides a good foundation for these transferrable skills. I did Eco. However, I've worked as a BA and in Analytics in past roles. Only ever did 1st year infs and taught myself vba and SQL while working. Would have...
  6. wrong_turn

    Commerce degrees at UNSW, Usyd

    While its great to see scholar on a CV, it is only interesting for your first employer. Just like an ATAR, after you get into a business, it doesn't matter much after that. I would prefer to hire someone who can solve a problem proactively and can interact well with the team and my stakeholders.
  7. wrong_turn

    Work Experience? Need genuine advice

    I agree with seremify007. I have been working in the advice industry for a while now and right now a lot of the traditional advice businesses are scaling down to just closing the business entirely. The key to financial advice is knowing how to sell. Without this skill, it is difficult to be...
  8. wrong_turn

    Getting ahead in uni

    I occasionally log in to answer questions
  9. wrong_turn

    Bachelor of Economics or Bachelor of Information Systems

    I graduated in a tough job market right after the GFC and just before the Euro-crisis. There were not many jobs available. Having Excel skills and learning very quickly at work really helped me. However, for the matter of majors, I think Information Systems would help but stats from my...
  10. wrong_turn

    "what should I be doing to boost my career prospects?" AFTER FAILING FOR 2 YEARS

    Here is a tip - finish a degree and finish it well. Especially if you want to work for the government you should expect to get at least a D average and if you can get it, honours. By placing too much emphasis, you are perpetuating your situation. Once you finish, you will perhaps realise there...
  11. wrong_turn

    Getting ahead in uni

    Retrospectively, the best way you can prepare is, * Complete the pre-readings so that you can follow the lecture * Spend the time listening and noting down what the lecturer has said as these are usually the stuff that will be tested. * Afterwards, combine this with the pre-reading you already...
  12. wrong_turn

    SuperFund Talk

    I use to work as a Financial Planner. I personally am with CBA GroupSuper. When I selected a fund I personally considered - return on the investment option selected after taking away admin and investment fees - personal insurance. Income protection was something I got when I first started...
  13. wrong_turn

    how competitive will it be to get a job after graduating from uni

    If you don't get into a grad program don't be afraid to work from the bottom up. Be smart when you get the job or be strategic with your start where possible. Don't expect to jump into a role dealing with important work straight away. You need to get points on the scoreboard for people to take...
  14. wrong_turn

    Other commerce careers then accounting?

    I did economics - career so far, Financial planner Business analyst Analytics & reporting
  15. wrong_turn

    Do employers care about what uni you go to and your wam?

    Generally 70+ wams are to get your foot in for grad roles. Where you went to uni might help ypu fit into a team once you're there but imo has no bearing on your candidacy. At my workplace I'm looking for people who are focused, switched on and have a work hard play hard attitude. This will show...