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  • rofl okay, but yeah look at futher maths or specialist :)
    it's too hard but you still wanna do it? :O haha gl ;)
    hahaha I'm confused still, you are gonna finish year 12...and then go to vic and do it again?
    Umm it's alright, just hate visual arts rofl and find CFS a bit difficult :/

    oh I'm really sorry, cause I thought maths ex2 was like the highest maths (being so stooooopid) but I just realised it's like the middle (so not changing)
    But yeah, specialist maths should do for you, that's like the hardest maffs in year 12 VCE and you get scaled up really high in that.
    I assume you lurrrve maths? lol well gl in them :)
    wth, why do ya wanna do VCE if you are gonna finish school? D:
    VCE is just year 11 and 12...ya know that right?

    Well, I'm doing maths ex2 which I'm gonna change to ex1 lol, um bio, chem, CFS, english, visual arts :)

    Standard English = general english
    Physics = just physics
    Advance Maths (2unit) = I think further maths or advanced maths
    Maths Extension 1 = maths methods
    Business Studies = same
    Information Technology = same

    Hope I helped :)
    But anyways, I'm gonna hit the bed now, nighties, will see ya tmr or soon :)
    And gl on ur HSC :)
    haha it's fine, everyone here helped me a lot :)

    after your HSC? Are you in grade 11 or 12 now?
    I came here last week, just started school from yesterday :)
    And yes choosing subjects are quite weird, what subjects do you do though?
    I'll try to help ya as much as I can but I was only there for a year so I might not know everything (was in QLD) lol
    nah, it's fine.

    Well I was just wondering if we could help each other lol cause I just moved to HSC from VCE.
    But I'm all kinda set now, but if you need any help, just lemme know :)
    When are you thinking about moving?
    lol man procrastination FTW =P

    lol music was mandatory wasn't it?
    i'm doing music coz it's a great time reliever...
    so i can concentrate on my other subjects..

    haha man i regret not doing geography.... i was topping my old school in it... >_<
    yeah true.
    are you really the only person in your
    maths extension and physics class ???

    i wonder
    well for me i've only done alright....
    ive did well in maths and music...
    screwed up english, physics and legal..
    not sure about modern...

    i didnt really work that hard so far
    ill probably work harder next term...
    by the subjects your doing you sound
    more smarter then me :p
    i love geography maybe you didn't like the skills part (not many students also pass that part)LOL

    wooow u serious no classes running for economics that's not normal :S
    lol im doing
    -standard English
    -2unit maths

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