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  • Hey there,

    My course is very good, and the workload is very easy (the business subjects require some ongoing study, the IT subjects are mostly a bludge).

    The course is aimed at more the management side of both fields, so good job prospects too.

    There are night classes (for almost every subject) and i'd say the night classes run from 5-9 (9 being the start of the last class), i've only ever done 1 night class because I had a clash with another subject so I wouldn't really know (6-7:30) but i'm sure each subject has night classes.

    If you're smart with your timetable, you can fit full time uni (4 subjects, 12 hours a week - more hours for some subjects... usually 3 hours each though) into 2 days, currently I go 9-3 and 9-5 2 days a week with no breaks and minimal breaks respectively.

    SO all in all, a very good degree with very good workload :D
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