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FULL HSC 2020 SAMPLE PAPER (4 unit maths)

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I thought it would be useful to share this paper I was given. It consists of new syllabus Extension 2 topics, and has 2 sections - Section I and Section II - like the normal HSC exam. This exam is not an official exam written by a company, and isn't intended to be used for real assessment purposes (the HSC shouldn't be of this difficulty). Instead, this is for general practice and for a challenge.

It gets very challenging towards the end of the paper, however, there are no formal solutions for this exam. If you want the exam marked, don't hesitate to email me. Just ask for my email and send me a copy of your solutions. I will get back to you in a day or 2.

Also, for some reason the square root signs aren't completed. When you see lines around a number, that is meant to be a square root. And, in Question 6, the angle 'beta' is meant to range from c to d.

I hope this helps - it really helped me see what I should be focusing on.

Good luck!
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Latest reviews

Just dreadfully written! Incredibly vague and clumsy.
Material of this quality could easily do more harm than good!
I found it pretty helpful. Its quite challenging for the average 4 unit level, so it comes down to whether you actually know your content or not.