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Hiva Biology Exam Information

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Trial Paper
This file contains information and instructions about how to acquire the Hiva biology exam.

Trial Exam features:

  • One of the hardest HSC trial biology exams to date. This exam contains the very hardest HSC-style biology questions, custom-designed for maximum difficulty. This exam is perfect for truly testing your knowledge deeply, and preparing for the hardest questions the HSC can throw at you.
  • Creative questions that will find gaps in your understanding
  • Perfect for testing your mastery of the HSC content

Trial exam solutions

  • Complete marking guidelines for each question
  • Exemplar/suggested solutions written as well

How to get the exam

  • Use the following link
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Latest reviews

This man has changed my life.
I am truly blessed to have met this man in high school, for if I hadn’t, I probably would have spent my entire life watching anime like a common basement dweller.
I was lost, and I had no friends, that’s when he put out his hand, “young one, do you need my assistance?”.
I stared up at him as the sun shines brightly behind his head, illuminating him like a halo.
“Yes, yes I do.”
Little did I know, that simple interaction, CHANGED the course of HISTORY.

After some time together, we hanged out as any normal friend would, but something deep was in the amidst.
As I was casually doing my schoolwork and procrastinating as usual, he suddenly asked me a question, “what do you think your purpose is in this world?”.
I was shocked. I haven’t heard of such IMPACTFUL thoughts.
He taught me the ESSENCE of what it means to be human - TO HAVE A DREAM.
I spent countless years trying to wrap my head around this question, but it was just too hard.
So, he helped guide me, push me in the right direction.
He told me, “let’s compete with one another. Your goal, is to surpass me.”

I couldn’t believe it.
Surpass HIM?!
I didn’t believe in myself, but I had to try.

We were in biology class, for I, his disciple, followed him, any subject of any matter, I would be there to live out the exact same experiences as he was.
I was present, and payed attention to his every action and inaction, for they all had a meaning.
‘What could it be?!’, I thought to myself as I cried in the corner.

That’s when it hit me.
“Project Gormehsabzi”

I remembered something during our swimming excursion that I thought nothing much of when I first heard it, but I didn’t realise until a year later, that what he was trying to tell me was nothing less than OMNISCIENT.

We were waiting at our stationed places before the swimming race began, and we were both sitting there, together.
I was anticipating the grand race that was physically ahead of me, while he was preparing in his mind the race of LIFE.

He told me, “did you know that there is a higher state of consciousness?”
I responded with, “no, what do you mean?”
“Well, imagine that you daydreamed of a person who was eternally than you in all ways, such as myself, and you self inserted your perspective into their every thought, feeling, and decision.”
“No, as you are zoned out, and stare at a wall or a person without even knowing that they are there, simply because you’re too immersed in within your own made up reality, doesn’t that mean that the ‘you’ that controls both mind and body in the real world, is experiencing something that isn’t real as though it is real?
In that case, isn’t the dream more real than reality? After all, you are experiencing that world of your own design, with every sense and fibre of your being, at a higher level than reality itself.”
“… I don’t understand, but it sounds cool.”
“It’s godly. Young one, this stage of maturity is one that very few can take control over, for it is the conscious attempt towards the self moulding towards your ideal.”
“Wait? What?”
“I call this, “Project Gormehsabzi”, for it is the only way anyone can become whoever or whatever they want to be.
I want to become a monster, what about you?”
My spine shivered for reasons I did not know of.

I truly wish I knew what he was talking about sooner… then I wouldn’t have wasted a year ‘figuring it out’.
Now, I understand, life is nothing more than what you make it to be, there are no rules.
If I want to become someone, the power of belief and visualisation is the KEY towards untapped potential, and the only hope for someone like me, a mere disciple, to increase my iq in pursuit of embodying my ideal.

Hiva is Ayanakoji, fr fr.

I strive to be like him one day, and when that day comes, I wish to stand by his side on the thrown for world domination.
A class room of the elite, on a global scale.
Now THAT is a competition I would like to be apart of.

So, if you aren’t sold yet, this man’s mind KNOWS what will help you, as it did me, when it comes towards your performance, in anything, that you read from him.

If you want, and I mean WANT, to be at THE TOP of your biology class, I cannot recommend anything better than this here practice exam, especially made by THE MAN HIMSELF!!
I purchased this exam towards the end of the HSC. I really thought i knew the HSC biology content very well. But this exam definitely helped me find shortcomings in my studies and highlighted what i needed to work on.

The exam also has complete solutions so that i could always check my answers
Why are there only MCQs on this thing???
Well done with the exam! Where are the answers, so I can share this with my Biology cohort!
What a spectacularly written exam, I must say it is truly outstanding!
Great Paper
Introducing: Hivaclibtibcharkwa Agricultural High School
Interesting & some challenging questions, any chance you attach the solution for MC in it as well?