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Vectors Practice Exam

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Assessment Task

I thought it would be helpful to post a practice vector exam for the 4 unit maths syllabus implemented from this year onward.

I haven't posted solutions with this.

Also there is a question where I said a vector makes an angle of 60 with the negative real axis and exists in quadrant 1. Change that to quadrant 2, sorry.

Tell me how it goes! (by the way it is 40 marks and not 50)
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Latest updates

  1. Solutions

    I've posted a separate link under 'vectors' for the solutions. Tell me how you go!

Latest reviews

11b makes no sense. If a vector is in the opposite direction to z it is parallel to z not perpendicular.

11c needs rewriting

12c ii) This cannot be proven. It is the definition of "parallel" for vectors.

12d) Best re-expressed in terms of points.

13 b Not true Consider v=(0,0,0) u=(1,2,3) and w=(4,5,6)

13 c is once again off syllabus. There are no matrices in the HSC courses and the question as it stands is almost incomprehensible. The trick to writing harder questions is to always make sure they are planted firmly in the centre of the course. They should be difficult because of depth, not due to the introduction of unfamiliar concepts.