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  1. cro_angel

    losing weight?

    I lost 15 kilos when I stopped drinking soft drink and drank more water, and did Zumba twice a week :) I am now an instructor and find it easy to eat alot of crap and maintain my weight. Motive of the story, if you're struggling do something fun!
  2. cro_angel

    Where do you Work? (Employment Advice Line)

    Wow a thread I started so long ago is still around <3 I am now a Primary School Teacher and a Zumba instructor in case anyone needs advice in those fields :)
  3. cro_angel

    Me too.. lol

    Me too.. lol
  4. cro_angel

    Satanist Club

    i can't believe they read bos threads to get news articles.. haha
  5. cro_angel

    Why choose ACU?

    Check out these videos to get a feel for life on a particular ACU campus you are interested in going to =) Our open day is on the 15th of September so come along to check it out. :)
  6. cro_angel

    Does your teaching degree make you do a compulsory Aboriginal studies course?

    I'm at ACU and we had a compulsary unit about Indigenous Studies. It is an elective for secondary students, but for Primary it is compulsary.
  7. cro_angel

    courses avail by direct application

    I think there might be a Certificate in Education which involves 4 or so subjects, my friend did that because she did not get the UAI to get into teaching, but then failed one of those subjects and withdrew from the course. It is also a full fee paying course. [Edit] More information in the...
  8. cro_angel

    Bachelor of Education (Primary)

    I do B Ed (Primary) at ACU and I'd recommend it because.. - Free Parking - Strathfield is pretty central to everything - Nice looking campus - Religion is incorporated into the course so you can teach in both Catholic and Public Schools - Small campus- the people are the same in all of your...
  9. cro_angel

    Urgent - Full Licence

    Re: Urgent Yeh I had like what % of fatigue related accidents occur in rural areas, then right after in metro. If you got one of them wrong then of course you would get the other one haha. I know a couple of people that failed because they had mostly statistics ones.. But yeh I passed today...
  10. cro_angel

    The Woolworths Thread

    Well considering we are closed today.. no haha Has anyone got shirts that they ordered online yet? I ordered mine like a week ago.. how long does it take?
  11. cro_angel

    Part Time vs. Casual

    Well I am a casual at my store and because my manager loves me.. I can work whenever I want and she pretty much gives me the shifts I ask for. The contracted people (particularly supervisors) never actually work their contracted shifts.. just the hours but at different times to what they are...
  12. cro_angel

    Who else has myspace

    ahh crap i was in the wrong account when i added you guys.. so ignore the one from scy haha mine is
  13. cro_angel

    What makes your work a good or bad place to be?

    Where do you work? Woolworths What's your work place like? Well it is a shop and I am at the Service Area so most of the time people are spread out and doing their own thing. What kind of people do you work with? Everyone.. young kids at school, people who go to uni like me.. mothers with kids...
  14. cro_angel

    Responding to telemarketers

    You could just do this..
  15. cro_angel

    Who else is goin to ACU?

    i swear there was a boy who always got into the library before anyone else because of a relation haha oh well.. guess i'll probably see you around campus then yaay for people choosing acu =D
  16. cro_angel

    Do you know what gets on my goat..

    Yeh I didn't get any of my first prefs.. but I guess I got them all last semester so it makes up for it. Some people in my course are getting away with 2 days a week, but I have to go 4 days *sigh. I wish they made it so everyone only had to go 3 days..
  17. cro_angel

    Who else is goin to ACU?

    does your mother work at the uni? haha i always saw the same guy from pats go into the library before it opened.. conveniently when i really wanted to do something and get it out of the way
  18. cro_angel

    Love & Physical Attraction

    All the guys that I've liked seemed attractive and perfect when I liked them.. but when I got over it I thought.. what on earth did I see in them haha. It's funny how liking someone can change the way you see them.. and I guess it is the same reason why you can see someone as attractive and...
  19. cro_angel

    Traveling Overseas long flights

    Was that international? I travelled with Qantas on flights between here and Thailand and it was great. On the flight home though, I slept or read as I had seen the movies I wanted to on the last flight.
  20. cro_angel

    lying on your resume and getting caught. what are the penalties?

    Well if you are caught I would assume they wouldn't hire you? I wouldnt want a liar working at my workplace that's for sure..