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  1. jemsta

    character display software

    hey there people im just wondering what language software would you recommend for viewing webpages, mp3s etc. It has to be trad. chinese though. If anyone has recommendations, it would be much appreciated.
  2. jemsta

    laptop help

    hey guys need some help here...basically when i returned home and went to switched on my notebook, it came up with a disk error...however an hour earlier, it was working perfectly, and it astounds me how it went from a comp working perfectly to a comp in ruins, so if anyone could help me it...
  3. jemsta

    Maximum Tune 3

    is there anyone out there that plays MT3? If so then post your details ^___^ ill start off Name: Jezza Rank: C2 Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 Title: The Wangan Knight
  4. jemsta

    8 dead in rail crash
  5. jemsta

    What subjects are you doing in 2nd semester?

    Inspired by the UNSW thread, list your subjects that you're doing next semester, in order from most awesome to least awesome ill start off 65241- principles of forensic science 91702- medical science 2 65201- chem 2c 68041- physical aspects of nature
  6. jemsta

    Nerd looks/hobbies and hot girlfriends?

    i think hes talking about how to get a hot chick when youre as nerdy and shitty as you are
  7. jemsta

    Favourite Cuisine

    so what is your favourite type of cuisine? poll added
  8. jemsta

    Favourite ice cream flavours

    so what is your favourite ice cream flavours? fire away people
  9. jemsta


    hey guys just wondering which one of you has overloaded before? what is it like? does a few hours make a difference in study etc? what about studying for exams? im thinking of doing 27 hours next semester, which is frankly not that many hours for scientists, so im just asking for your opinions...
  10. jemsta

    Official Session 2 results thread

    please feel free to post any results from semester 2 results for maths and comp subjects should be released by tomorrow, while the rest will be released at around 8th dec. good luck
  11. jemsta

    Successful transfer into UTS

    hey, im just asking whether any non-yr 12 school leaver got a successful transfer to UTS? if you did, what was the course you applied for, your GPA & UAI and whether or not you submitted a personal statement. thanks....i just need some reassurance
  12. jemsta

    GPA calculation

    ok im a bit confused as to how they calculate GPA my scenario: i got 3 passes and a credit during the 1st semester, and im hoping to get 2 D's and a HD during this semester the problem is which method they calculate it 1) they take your gpa for all the subjects youve done for the first year...
  13. jemsta


    Anyone going to it?
  14. jemsta

    Accused murderer of JonBenet Ramsey had murder charges dropped
  15. jemsta

    Personal Statement

    hey guys im looking to transfer next year, and i was just wondering where you get the personal statement from.....uts or do it yourself thanks
  16. jemsta


    hey ive had a mixed response regarding this course, with some saying this is easy while others say that it's so boring that it makes their brain cramp but just wanna ask what do you think of it?
  17. jemsta

    Assessment thoughts/results

    hey seeing as we had a thread similar to this for the class of 2006, we should now create one for UNSW discuss as soon as you have completed/received your assessment
  18. jemsta

    Just a quick question

    hey guys ive said in my previous posts of my desire to transfer into another course just wondering, with a uai of 79.85 and first semester wam of 61.5, what would i need in my second semester to transfer into: B Exercise and Sports Science/ B nutrition @ USYD- cutoff 91~ B Exercise and...
  19. jemsta

    computer stuffing up

    hey guys recently my computer has been randomly restarting by itself, and i was just wondering what is wrong with it also i noticed in the last few days that some files are highlighted in blue what does this indicate?