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  1. routemarker

    general UNSW chit-chat

    Alot of them are from med actually. Just good time management.
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    Worst Mistakes You've Made At Work

    Spill a drop of specimen suspected of M. tuberculosis in the laminar flow cabinet and not know where it went. In short I had to pour the phenolic acid all over the bench to decontaminate it.
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    Whats the point of Honors?

    Actually it can lock you out of many "foot in door" jobs that would generally require someone with say a diploma in lab techniques. You woudl be thus "overqualified" but with honours you woudl have had atleast 1 year of independent lab exp which most employers will regard highly. Its when you...
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    I got 51 for genetics and 83 for microbial. Make of that as you will hehe
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    - Do these 3 things to your resume right now -

    ROFLMAO My advice is to put most of the things in the advert into the resume even if its something as generic as Good organisational skills. Usually companies use comuters to screen resumes and search resumes for such terms. If you keep in line with the advert then you have a better chance of...
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    A Guide to Getting a Graduate/Vacation Job

    Government Funded Positions If you're looking to enter a government position such as health (hospitals) or research, then you will be required to make a statement addressing selection criteria. If you do not address each criteria, you will not be shortlisted for interview. For such positions, a...
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    Removing fails from transcript

    haha, you don't know the real world works. If you can make your pass look great and convince the employer so well, they will be impressed by your sincerity and initiative. If nobody else offers that sort of initiative and desire then they will look unfavourably on them, even if they do have...
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    Removing fails from transcript

    I say if you have average marks, few fails, some passes and a handful of credits and distinctions in your final year and you can show the employer how your degree will allow you to function sucessfully in a role, then there is really no reason for them not to hire you. If you can't show how...
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    Removing fails from transcript

    Pass a bad mark? The difference between a 50 and a 49 can be $620. If a pass meant nothing, the uni would have you redo the unit again. It is the level at which the university is perpared to keep you progressing in your course to get your degree. And if you do get HDs after fails then...
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    The Official "I GOT THE JOB!!!:D:D" Thread

    I got the job. They're just putting my paperwork through to human resources and I should be starting in 1 or 2 weeks. It's at a district pathology lab so it should be pretty good.
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    Hadiths are not of the word of god but recorded sayings of the prophet. Here is probably a better translation 007.033 Say: the things that my Lord hath indeed forbidden are: shameful deeds, whether open or secret; sins and trespasses against truth or reason; assigning of partners to...
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    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! Widmore corp is specyuated to have an affiliation with Hanso and thus knew of the basis of the DHARMA initiative. She probably knows about the place and about the EM anomaly since shes a Widmore.
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    The Amazing Race 9

    Re: amazing race If you read the Sun Tele TV guide its WRONG! Seven are airing season 9 along side the US. We will get episodes one day after it has aired! Newspapers always get things wrong.
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    Survivor Exile Island news/discussion

    Com games are on ch9 hence why they're holding it back. Ch7 have the winter olympics.
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    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    "fish" is prison slang for new inmates.
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    Prison Break (Australian tv followers - no spoilers)

    Trus me, this is the new show to watch! It looks like seven went all out with advertising...
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    The CW

    Well its certainly an interesting move. Hopefully by joining forces instead of fighting each other for 5th place. All these shows should now become much more successful
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    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    Prison Break premieres next Wednesday at 8.30 with a 2 hour double episode. When it's up against Third Watch and repeats of House, I guess it has every chance of becoming a hit :D
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    Family Guy

    family Guy is great. Too bad seven cut off the star wars style credits at the end.