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  1. SSaint

    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    SSaint - Bachelor of Economics (Economics & Accounting) III
  2. SSaint

    Maximum majors for Economics?

    If you want to study Political Economy and Finance at usyd you would not be able to do it within the Bachelor of Economics program, as there is a compulsory economics or econometrics major - the option to do all three (political economy, economics and finance) does not exist as you would exceed...
  3. SSaint

    The Official Football Thread 2006/2007

    It should be, depends if Milan play attacking football, cos you know Liverpool will be playing for pens. Though I think Milan will take it, they won't make the same mistake twice.
  4. SSaint

    Federer breaks Nadal clay streak at Hamburg!!! French Open Next?

    Nadal wasnt playing well in Hamburg (relatively), thats clear - though the Hewitt semi shouldnt be written off, hes getting back into some form. I wouldnt make a prediction for the French until the quarters, but at this stage a Federer win is becoming more and more likely. And to the idiot...
  5. SSaint

    ACCT 2011 Essay

    yeah, i wrote about 400 words for that part. they suggest we dedicate a third of the assignment (about 1200 words) to answering part i) so it should be fine. in the grade descriptors part for distinction they make a reference to providing numerical calculations, whats that about?
  6. SSaint

    Is anyone doing Bcom/Bsci double degree?

    Its accounting and maths, the only thing they have in common is ecmt1010 and if you do the maths ones you are exempt from doing ecmt1010.
  7. SSaint

    Is anyone doing Bcom/Bsci double degree?

    You're at uni for 5 years, can potentially do 4 majors with careful management - I think its extremely unlikely that you are unable to do both an accounting and a financial maths and stats major. Also, looking at the course requirements right now, there doesnt seem to be a reason why you couldnt...
  8. SSaint

    What Subjects Are You Taking This Year?

    Hmm anyone else doing economics pre honours? I'll do the econometrics units in third year, this year is pretty full - just want to get the accounting units out of the way. Semester One: ACCT2011 Financial Accounting A ECOS2901 Intermediate Microeconomics Honours ECOS2903 Mathematical Economics...
  9. SSaint

    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    SSaint - Bachelor of Economics II (Economics and Accounting)
  10. SSaint

    what do you do as an auditor?

    After working in audit and getting your CA/CPA you would have plenty of options, you could work in finance/accounts departments in commerce and industry, you could comfortably move into the financial service sector as well (most likely in corporate finance rather than trading etc). Generally...
  11. SSaint

    Which degree : Economics or Commerce ??

    If you're fairly sure you want to study economics, do the Bachelor of Economics at USYD, as its far mor flexible with only 4 core subjects as opposed to the 11 core subjects you need to do in the BCom. But at UNSW - just do commerce as its the same deal, just more room to move around the degree...
  12. SSaint

    Examination Results Semester II, 2006

    And I was about to write off this semester too, guess I pulled some shit in the exams. Now I've got to sit a stats exam on Thursday :( ACCT 1002 Accounting IB 77.0 Distinction CLAW 2201 Corporations Law 65.0 Credit <--- LOL ECMT 1020...
  13. SSaint

    ACCT1002 Final.

    Yeah I agree, it was a fairly easy exam - only a couple of tricky parts, but thats cos I wasnt entirely prepared. I managed to finish, used every second though haha should crack 80...
  14. SSaint

    Economics or commerce?

    Yeah, I agree with Ashton, those are basically the exact reasons why I chose Sydney over UNSW, and incidentally part of why I chose Economics over Commerce, but then again - I chose Economics because I wanted to do it. tbh no matter which you choose, you'll get a quality education
  15. SSaint

    career in hotels?

    ummm... wtf, yes it would Bachelor of Commerce in Services Marketing - Tourism and Hospitality
  16. SSaint

    CLAW2201 - Corporations Law

    I'm doing Corporations Law right now, I'm first year, so there are no additional pre-requisites that you need to worry about. It will count as one of the six, not four, senior units that you will need to complete for an accounting major.
  17. SSaint

    JPMorgan Investment Banking Competition, Asia Pacific

    I have a question, I'm considering entering in this competition, but I'm in first year and haven't done a finance subject yet. I don't mind doing a large amount of wide reading for this competition as it would be a good experience, but would this be enough to (at the very least) submit a quality...
  18. SSaint

    Economics Honours Student Tutoring Maths and Economics

    Sort of, there are honours preperation units that are recommended for students wanting to do honours, but you can still get in without them, but I believe it's a more complicated process/perhaps harder to do it this way as well (this is for the economics and business faculty).
  19. SSaint

    Helping with Majors

    Though i notice that management has a wide range of cores, i think you only have to do a certain amount of them. Here it is: 3 compulsory units of study: Any 2 1000 level units of study from ECOS, GOVT, MKTG and WORK (eg. ECON1001 & WORK1003);and WORK2201 Foundations of Management Plus...
  20. SSaint

    Helping with Majors

    Yes. But you don't have to do ALL the electives listed, you just have to complete enough senior credit points to be awarded the major (usually 6 senior units of study). You should be able to do accounting and management quite comfortably, also, the accreditation program is not a third major, its...