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  1. KingOfActing

    General Thoughts: Music 2 Paper

    How did you feel about that exam? I wasn't prepared for them to ask for a mandatory piece AND an additional topic piece, had to bullshit soooo hard
  2. KingOfActing

    Someone please reassure me

    Tell me they aren't gonna choose a specific text for Mod C pls I can't memorise quotes from 7 poems because I'm a mess (doing Auden)
  3. KingOfActing

    Dramatically Different Results Externally

    This is more of a hypothetical, since such an event is highly unlikely, but I'm still really curious. What were to happen, if a student was to perform drastically different externally than internally (specifically, rank wise)? I know there are special procedures for students that perform very...
  4. KingOfActing

    OnStage Nominations Thread 2k16

    Anyone get one? Group or individual? How do you feel? We didn't get any from my school, sadly, but I know of people from nearby schools that did.
  5. KingOfActing

    ATAR estimate for PeasantOfActing?

    I didn't do as well as I wanted in anything this year, but #yolo School rank 110s English Advanced - 36/77, mark of ~70 Software - tie 2/10, mark of 94 (behind first by 1 mark rip) Chemistry - 6/36, 4 marks behind first Maths Extension 1 - 1/30, mark of 98 Maths Extension 2 - 1/10...
  6. KingOfActing

    What topics have you done?

    I'm kinda curious to know what topics your school has already covered in 4U, because I feel like my school went a bit fast over some of the topics. I guess you can also post them in order that you went over them and we can all compare that as well :p We've done: Complex Numbers Circular Motion...
  7. KingOfActing

    Units of measurement

    I don't really know how to ask this so I'll show an example first: $A train of mass 80 tonnes is moving in a circle of radius 320m at a speed of 48 km/hr. What force must be exerted by the rails towards the centre?$ The way I would solve this, would just be F = \frac{mv^2}{r} = \frac{80...
  8. KingOfActing

    Functional Equation

    So in my boredom these holidays I have thought up the following functional equation: f\left(\frac{1}{x}\right) = \frac{1}{f(x)} With the only restriction being that it is continuous on \bb{R}\setminus \left { 0\right }. I first looked at constant solutions, which gave me f(x) = \pm 1...
  9. KingOfActing

    Core Performance

    Reading off the HSC Music FAQ, it says that the core performance piece doesn't have to be composed by an Australian composer - only that it must have been composed in the last 25 years. Does this mean that the piece can be of any genre as well (i.e. not of a modern contemporary Australian style)?