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    Mortal Kombat: Rebirth - Love or hate the concept? YouTube - MORTAL KOMBAT The above clip, which has been doing viral rounds on teh interwebs, is apparently a proof-of-concept sales pitch for a feature-length film. More info here: Full Details on Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Rebirth | /Film...
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    Missionaries of Hate - a documentary on Uganda's anti-gay movement

    Resurrecting one of last year's topics... Missionaries of Hate, Pt. 1 // Current Current TV, the people better known for their punchy, animated shorts lampooning social media and pop stars, has produced an excellent and unsettling documentary on the escalating vilification of gays in Uganda - a...
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    Greens call for a high speed rail link

    Greens call for a High Speed Rail Link | The Australian Greens Thoughts? I personally reckon that a Maglev-style link between Brissie-Adelaide that stops via major centres like Newcastle and Wollongong would be exactly what a growing population needs. But uh, does anyone here know a bit...
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    Cycling as primary mode of transport

    Do you think cycling is a good idea as a primary mode of transport? Great idea or impractical idealism? To kick us off, here's an objective segment from dear ol' Kerri-Anne... YouTube - Kerri Anne Kennerley show cycling segment 26052010
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    Macca's gay Iranian ad lol And the original...
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    Should we introduce one-word exams?

    From the New York Times: Oxford Tradition Comes to This: ‘Death’ (Expound) Oxford Tradition Comes to This - ‘Death’ (Expound) - The exam was simple yet devilish, consisting of a single noun (“water,” for instance, or “bias”) that applicants had three hours somehow to spin into a...