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    r.i.p. jerry nelson - voice of the count from sesame st

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    Fibonacci sequence in Fortran

    Hello Is this the appropriate forum to post this? Currently learning Fortran in one of my courses and this was one of the questions in a tutorial: In the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, each number is the sum of the previous two numbers, starting with 0 and 1. For instance the first 10...
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    R18+ Games The Senate has passed legislation to create an R18+ category for video games. The new law fulfils the Commonwealth's part of a deal with states and territories to include the new rating in the games...
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    burpees appreciation thread

    fuck yeah burpees :angryfire::evilfire::angryfire::evilfire::angryfire::evilfire::angryfire::evilfire::angryfire::evilfire::angryfire::evilfire:
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    itt drinking games

    post your favourites
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    reheating hot chips

    is there a way to do it without them tasting like crap?
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    what da fart is happening

    with the servers? or am i the only one who keeps timing out?
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    what soap do you use?

    I've started using Pears soap but a bar doesn't even last me a week
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    tuna recipes

    gimme your tuna recipes my culinary skills when concerned with tuna are limited to eating it out of the tin or mixing it with mayo and having it with a salad or in a sandwich
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    I completely forgot about this website... but now I've found it again! If you ever get stuck for dinner ideas or want some recipes, check this shit out
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    Assassin's Creed 3
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    The Official Boxing Thread

    I couldn't find one so I've decided to make one --- Sonny Bill Williams vs Clarence Tillman what a joke. --- edit: ok so you can't post pics or videos in the Sport forum
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    Enrollment @ Newcastle

    Has anyone enrolled yet? I accepted my offer on Thursday and it told me to wait 2 working days for it to be processed I'm fairly sure it's been over 2 working days and yet when I log into "MyHub" it says the status of my application is in "Matriculation" Has anyone gotten further than this stage?
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    Bridging Courses

    Can someone please explain how bridging courses work? Is it the HSC course in a shorter time pretty much? Is there a HSC equivalent test afterwards? Last month University of Newcastle sent me a letter about bridging courses for Engineering According to the letter you need at least a band 5 in...
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    laptop help

    need to buy a new laptop because my current one has pretty much shit itself i don't know much about computer features - is this any good? dell u560703au inspiron 15" notebook for $598 2nd Generation Intel Core i5-2430M 2.4GHz With Turbo Boost Up To 3.00GHz CPU 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Wireless 802.11...
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    Bacon Appreciation Thread

    How fucking good is bacon? SO FUCKING GOOD
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    Gran Turismo 5

    Couldn't find one so I made one Anyone here play GT5? -- Also I need help with tuning. I have no clue what different things do so I'm pretty much adjusting settings, racing and seeing how it affects the car
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    TV Aerial

    Ok. So I'm in a regional broadcasting area and most of the time the TV reception is good but for some reason in the summer time the signal breaks up during the day and every now and then during the night. A signal booster (or whatever it's called... you plug it into a powerpoint and bypass the...
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    Higher School Certificate

    the actual certificate from Board of Studies - I haven't gotten it yet and none my mates at school I've talked to have gotten it either Is BoS meant to send it to us? or to the school? Because myself and others have asked at school (before it closed for the holidays) and they didn't have...