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  1. sugamama


    WHat's Mooting? And are there like debates and mock trials when you study law? what years does this happen if it does? thanks
  2. sugamama

    MC Q's 9 and 12

    OMG I think I totally bombed it! :p OK for 9 can someone explain why AD is OJ at equil income? I know it seems really simple but I thought AD was equilibrium at OK. Doh! And one other think for Q 12!!! THe HSC advice line said if they ask for Year 3 in inflation and not specifically from...
  3. sugamama

    Am I The Only One Who Found That Hard??!

    WTF!!!! Everyone is like 'i got 100 man' WTFFF!! I'll be lucky to get over 60. I don't get it. What school do you guys go to?
  4. sugamama

    Multiple Choice Q8 and Q9

    I thought contract law but i'm gettin tort law vibes :) And Q9 I thought it was D but I hear its B So thoughts? My reasoning for contract law is that by buying the cereal it created legal relationship/created a contract and then the dodgy metal meant it wasn't merchantable quality and thus...
  5. sugamama

    How many marks would I lose for analysing 3 texts?

    IN AOS the last Q of the first section...I looked at all THREE texts..didnt read the TWO bit! lol...noooo. So how many marks do you think I would lose? thanks