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  1. Trev

    Living on-campus

    About a third of King's guys are doing engineering. I don't really know much about Leo's but I would have definitely gone to either John's or Cromwell had I not gone to King's. Cromwell first.
  2. Trev

    Room for rent 135/per week, Sunset Boulevard, near university of newcastle

    Hahaha. I saw 'sunset boulevard' and was like hey that sounds like where they live... Hey Brendan... Who's staticsiscool? You should probably tell people that your house smellssss.
  3. Trev

    Medicine at UQ

    I think unless you get at OP1 or 99.00+ UAI you will not have a chance of getting into med at UQ undergrad. You have ALOT better chance of undergraduate med at Newcastle or UNSW. My friend was accepted into UNSW med with a UAI of ~91.50. She just went well in the interview and had marks of 98...
  4. Trev

    Medicine at UQ

    I have several friends currently doing medicine at UQ. They all love it. It's quite full on - two days a week they have 11 hours, the other days are probably around 5-6. From first year they start clinical at Herston. I know one that was accepted into medicine pre-grad (when they only had 50...
  5. Trev

    Songs you CANNOT stop listening to

    Erh, Rock the Casbah by whoever it is that sounds like they're deaf and are trying to learn how to speak. Makes me feel ill.
  6. Trev

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Same :) mono II black. Bitches came in the mail today.
  7. Trev

    Sunset Sounds - Jan 7/8 2009

    Katie, I got tickets to the Bris one aswell, Nick and Carly did toooooo!
  8. Trev

    who have you seen?

    I know :( I would've liked to go but didn't have time to get there and shiz. Did you have a chat to Nick? Carly wanted to see my man-panties, I deprived her of that :( haha. Did ya'll go out afterwards or what? By the time I got ready and shiz I just went to the beat I think, how sad...
  9. Trev

    who have you seen?

    Metallica Foo Fighters Arctic monkeys (2) Josh Pyke The Grates (2) Macromantics Operator Please (2) El Guincho Architecture in Helsinki Sneaky Sound System Cold War Kids Dappled Cities Fly Feist Yves Klein Blue (3) The Beautiful Girls Bloc Party The Shins Sarah Blasko The...
  10. Trev

    introducing me, an idiot

    Ha, I started to like this guy a few weeks ago, we hung out and slept together and then afterwards I found out he had a boyf I was like erm... open-relationship polygamy ftw.
  11. Trev


    Yes, it did. =/
  12. Trev


    You know how children climb on sandstone letterboxes or whatever...
  13. Trev


    Ah, and another friend went on Contiki once, she put a tampon in and only remembered about it being there FIVE DAYS LATER. Haha.
  14. Trev


    My friends hymen broke when she was a young girl, fell off a letterbox and landed on the ground with a thong in her vadge. She bled and went to hospital, hahaha.
  15. Trev

    Hickey's/Love bite's

    I think it's worse when your boss sees them and asks if you got her number... er, his number?
  16. Trev

    the WORST thing you've heard right after sex?

    A wet lubey fart.
  17. Trev

    Guys who aren't Gay and wear tight clothes...HOT or NOT? What's ridiculous is your hair shown in your photo on your myspace, tool.
  18. Trev

    Laneway Festival - 02 March 2008

    Feist is just a crapass performer.
  19. Trev

    Laneway Festival - 02 March 2008

    Haha, well I just kept abusing her from the back saying she's a shit wench etc, yelled out this is what I think of you and spat on the ground but my friend moved her foot and it hit it... she raged.
  20. Trev

    Laneway Festival - 02 March 2008

    Feist was shit, couldn't hear the wench. Presets and Yves Klein Blue were awesome, got to grab Michael Tomlinson's ass, steal his water bottle and pull him down for a kiss on the cheek... my day was complete. :):):)