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  1. silbi

    B Arts (communicationz)?

    anyone applied for this course?..... penrith campus....
  2. silbi

    Pre Selected Ppl

    Did you think you would get in? What was your works based on?~~ I really didnt think id get pre selected ~coz our artclass was sooo good... theres works there i would buy for sure~~~ and it was a bit of a shock when i got a call this morning saying i got pre selected =) My works were...
  3. silbi


    I was just wondering if any of u were displaying ur artworks? like before it actaulli gets marked.?
  4. silbi

    Assessment Ranks

    ranks is meant to be very important.. blah which means i stuffed up english.. im ranked 17th(assessment rank)... theres 45 ppl doing adv eng..... wat abt evryone else?
  5. silbi

    Electron Transfer Reactions

    ...can someone plz define it ?... so hard getting words out.. GRRR fustrating... i hate being so DUMB
  6. silbi


    does anyone know the liklihood of the consideration & acceptance of inpUTS @ UTS on ur UAI?.... (educational access schemes)
  7. silbi

    Arghhhh Art Due This Wk!

    bow is due this wk~~~~~~~ been spending wkends at school working my butt off... DAMN!!! im in a panicky state.. my work is somewhat "finished" but... still have to tighten it up ...........*panic stricken* good luck everyone and hope all this EFFORt we've all put in so far is gunna be...
  8. silbi

    Shripwrecks,corrosion, and conservation

    anyone have good links to where i can find a TIMELINE for Galvani, Volta, Davy and Faraday which inlcude the description of work and the impact?......
  9. silbi

    Independent Paper

    ughhhhh i THOUGHT i went well.. BLAHZ~* serves me right for finishing in like 1.5hrs.. hmmmm --; i got 75... wow the future is realli looking glum~ harhar
  10. silbi

    MIND BLOCK-changing self

    ahhh why do i have a mind block????? after trialz--; the aftermath=lazines+ mind block i think anyways.. im having trouble tryn to do this essay "We learn from change" using my place-sally morg, sky high(stim book) , jlo-jenny from the block, princess diaries any suggestionz.. any will...
  11. silbi

    paper 1 vs modulez

    okie doke.. i seem to go so much BETTER in adv modules paper then.. area of study-change.. arghh anyone got the same prob as me?.... blah it sux so badly~
  12. silbi


    Curious with everyones trials marks~~~ was it as good as u expected? vice versa?.. .. what was ur expected" mark?... ma aim was 82% i got 80%...
  13. silbi

    Uac Applications

    Has anyone submitted their UAC applications .....? ..i did mine about 5mins ago.. reality check >.<
  14. silbi


    i just thought these sayings were helpful.. a bit different to the ones ive been saying but ill post these ones ^^ ::research methodology:: [Hairy Men Play Cards Regularly In Autumn] H- hypothesis M-methodologies P-planning C-collecting R-recording I-interpreting A-analysing...
  15. silbi


    I've been thinking about dropping chemistry from day 1.. but i dunno i just thought "one day" i would fully get it... that day hasnt actually came yet... >.< i have my chem trial paper tomolo and im yeah pretty much cramming info in right now.. i got pretty good assessment marks but my exam...
  16. silbi

    BOOkS 4 sALE!

    yR 10 ppL interested in buyiNg any of these books plz leave me a PM~~~*~<<why bother buying brand new ones when u can get brand new ones at second hand price.. right??>> all the t/bz have no markings on them.. due to my lack of study --; hmm.. ::tExtBoOkz iNcLude:: ***Business studies...
  17. silbi


    I WOULD DO ANYTHING to get into uts faculty of design... atm my "uai" looks so bleak --; meaning my chances are zilch!!!!!!! is there any other ways to get into uts..without the a UAI in bright lights?...--; *sigh*
  18. silbi

    FAv topIc??

    do u have a fav. topic/area out of chemistry?~ well if i understood anything i prolli would have a fav... *uncertain laughter* =/ --id have to say naming CFC's /HCFC'S+HFC's are my fav part of chem... haha.. =/ how gay
  19. silbi

    Did U Know

    For general maths.. if u had a top 1% mark (99th percentile) ur mark of 92 became a UAI equivalent of 80... if you had a top 10% mark (90th percentile) ur makr of 82 because UAI equiv = 68.... top 25% (75th Percentile)=75 became 56 top 50% (50th percentile)= 66 became 40 top 75% mark...
  20. silbi

    2001 Paper

    In the 2001 hsc eng paper 1... there was this article ..well a narrative about a year 6 dance..~ how many of you understood that as a cross generation text?? i never picked it up >< that it was the same event in two time frames??.... i guess it doesnt disadvantage the actual Q...