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  1. Sham

    First Year - B. Commerce (Textbooks)

    First Year - B. Commerce (Textbooks each < $100) **PRICES REDUCED BY $20 Hey guys, Texts books for : ACCT 1005 - ECOF 1003 - ACCT 1006 - MKTG 1001 Also in SELL forum. Cousin dropped the course. All books were bought brand new.
  2. Sham

    Spring Carnival - Race to Win Tipping Comp - Melbourne Cup

    hey guys, any one else doing the daily telegraphs race to win tipping comp in the lead up the the melbourne cup and how're you going? right now im in position 6726 (of 23211! hahaha!!) got no hope in hell, but its amusing as heck.. (no cash in, opportunity to cash out..)
  3. Sham

    Advice: 'At least its work..' vs 'Quit, quit now!'

    Hey guys, Needing a bit of advice, have chatted with mates family and all about it but still unsure.. Haven't worked since December 08 (no not fired), but got a job June 09 doing the same newsagency work that I've done casually for about three years, so I don't really need training but my...
  4. Sham

    Ubuntu and why??

    saw other threads on ubuntu - but more on specs that the general outlier im after....... -- my sister just got incredibly excited about the ubuntu 8.10 disk arriving today.. im not sold on it - current system works fine and shes ranting how great it is - parroting three of her mates -...
  5. Sham

    job suggestion - advice?

    hey guys, not as uncomplicated as the title seems.. im in a bit of an employment pickle that i figured might ask for some suggestions.. first off, im not a work-freshie - ive got three years exp. with newsagencies, worked over a year in maccas, have done warehouse work, stocktaking...
  6. Sham

    wheels and rims....

    it's late. no doubt im going to get the technicalities of whats what confused.. so go easy eh.. there seem to be a ton of streeters out lately on absolutely stunning 22" sets.. looking like.. they're riding on rubber bands xD cant imagine that how the road feels on those.. im on...
  7. Sham

    RTA - In the Mail: Running Reds?

    ayy.. stupid yes, but i ran a red about a month back - not a maybe, a deadset red run.. gah. there was no flash and no alert on the gps.. and for extra info, no one hurt, in the way etcetc.. anyhows, anyone have an idea how long it takes for the rta to send out that happy letter? bit of...
  8. Sham

    so the exam's over....

    hey guys, just a quick consensus on how many of you agger's liked it enough to actually be following it into uni, tafe or college..? -- sam.
  9. Sham

    trial results? + just anything.

    geez. sort of a dead section here aint it. how'd everyone go on the trials aye....? and anyone doing the optional research? - if so, what'd the teacher do instead of paper 2 for marking.. because mine just left paper 2 out altogether..! ha, we need some talk going on here.. anything...
  10. Sham


    my sister is doing a year 7 study on it, and a friend has picked it for her optional research project... but what do you think about the PETA smear on Australian wool exports because of it..? so far two major US companies have cancelled their acceptance of aussie wool - Abercrombie and Finch and...
  11. Sham

    Optional vs Electives

    (doesnt seem to be many posting on the ag side but hey..!!) just started up this term, but in a class of 7 only 2 of us are doing the optional research task (one of those without teacher recommendation).. so, which are you doing..?
  12. Sham

    Assessment Tasks - what are you doing?

    hey, after a talk with the other people in my class, we figured that all our assessment tasks so far appear to be an easy way for our school to use what we're learning to benefit them in some way.. not that thats.. erm, bad, but so far we've: + designed the school website for the group task...
  13. Sham

    Kings College Seminar?

    heys, just wondering if anyones heard of or is going to the Kings Ag HSC Seminar.. think it's on March 7th or something like that....