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    Induction in 4unit

    I have my half yearly this thursday and my teacher has told me that there will be a question involving induction and polynomials. Any ideas what the question would be like?? thanks
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    Most outstanding student scholarship

    I got my $500 today im pretty excited anyone else got this scholarship??
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    First assessments for 2010 HSC

    How did everyone go? i got 42/48
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    First assessments for 2010 HSC

    Hey just wondering how everyone went for there first 4 unit exams? personally i got 20/36.
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    Complex numbers De Moivres thereom

    I hav a question for homework which i just cant seem to figure out It says Express: (a) cos4θ in terms of cosθ (b) sin4θ in terms of cosθ and sinθ (c) tan4θ in terms of tanθ
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    Polynomials question help

    This question is Q9 Ex10.2 out of Maths in Focus (Book 2) The question says use Newton's method once to find correct to 2dp (a) cubed root of 5 (b) fifth root of 400 (c) fourth root of 55..... etc I have no clue how to do these types of questions. Help please
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    Induction problem can anyone help??

    Prove using induction that (2/1x3) + (2/3x5) + ....... + [2/(2n-1)(2n+1)] = 1- [1/(2n+1)] i get to a certain stage where i just cant seem to factorise any more to get the solution.... please help
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    ATAR estimate please

    im only in year 11 but could u please just estimate my ATAR. school rank: around 200 subject ranks and marks: english adv: 8th?(not to sure) 70% 2 unit maths: 1st 95% 3 unit maths: 1st 70% Business: 1st 93% Physics: 1st 87% Chem: 2nd 80% thnx heaps
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    utopia and dystopia

    having trouble with this essay question. Utopian and Dystopian texts present worlds which are both imaginative and authentic. Discuss the ways in which Thomas More's Utopia and Burgess' A Clockwork Orange create such worlds for the reader. any help would be good thanks