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  1. routemarker

    TV Jobs

    Hmm.. can anybody enlighten me on how one can get into Television. More specifically on air promotions for TV networks.
  2. routemarker

    Desperate Housewives - For those up to date with the US

    THIS THREAD CONTAINS *SPOILERS* This thread is for discussion of US aired episodes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED So Andrew van de Kamp is a closet Homo. I've never laughed so hard since Bree revealed Rex cries when he ejaculates.
  3. routemarker

    TV Programming Updates

    As the thread suggests this thread will be all about changes in television schedules. CHANNEL SEVEN SCHEDULE Monday 31st Jan 7:30 The Great Outdoors *New Season* 8:30 Desperate Housewives *Premiere* 9:30 Crossing Jordan ( double ep repeats from Season 1 ) 11:30 Rebel Billionaire...
  4. routemarker

    The Amazing Race 6

    An all new season is here staring the week commencing 30th January! Seven will be treating this show very well since the finale that saw Chip and Kim win $1 million had an average audience of 1.3 million people in the top 5 markets. I suspect it may stay in the current Thursday 8.30 slot which...
  5. routemarker

    Seven's new slogan 'GOTTALOVEIT'

    Seven have launched their new slogan "GOTTALOVEIT' How cheezy can they get lol. they probably paid a ton for some advert agency to come up with that which was probably the result of too many drinks at the christmas party.
  6. routemarker

    Ten's watermark

    look at who decided to catch up. ten now has a watermark on the left hand side of the screen after seven and nine have been putting theirs on the right hand side for years.
  7. routemarker

    The Amazing Race 6 (For those following the US) *contains spoilers*

    I just had to make a thread, i need a place to vent my anger at jonathon, i cant believe he made another team member cry ! He needs to get a good look at himself. I think he will top any abusive male with parther team in the histroy of the race. Makes jonny fairplay look like an angel!
  8. routemarker

    Cold Case

    One word...Brilliant!
  9. routemarker

    pros and cons of microeconomic reform

    what are the pros and cons of microeconomic reform? cite specific examples cheers
  10. routemarker

    Teams of The Amazing Race 5

    check out the 11 teams on this season.
  11. routemarker

    The Apprentice

    can't wait... Tonight 9.30 right after CSI
  12. routemarker

    Pizza delivery

    has anyone here done a pizza delivery job before? if so what was it like?
  13. routemarker


    Tony Shaloub just rules, this show is the best crime show/ comedy out there! anybody watch?
  14. routemarker

    Scare Tactics

    Anybody watch this show, its on 11.30pm wed and fri on ch 9. alot of the pranks are lame, others are scary but all are quite funny.
  15. routemarker

    THE AMAZING Back !

    For any of you who missed Season 1 ch 7 are repeating the season at on Sunday at 11.00 AM. lol its the best time slot this series ever had lol and will give anyone who missed the season a chance to see the originals and may possibly bring more fans for The Amazing Race 5. lol now i can...
  16. routemarker

    Popstars LIVE

    Could this show get any worse? i mean the production was cheap, the judges are cheap, the employees are so ashamed that they dont want to be credited at the end of the show (i know if i were executive producer i would refuse to have my name on this piece of trash). the only thing they didnt...
  17. routemarker

    Redfern Racial Rioting

    Racial tension spills into rioting PARTS of an inner-Sydney suburb were closed down last night after a day of unrest which saw angry residents blame police for the death of a teenager. Bricks, rocks and bottles were thrown at police vehicles, pizza delivery drivers and The Daily...
  18. routemarker

    Can't Change avatar

    when i tried to change my avatar i got the message 'admins have disabled the use of avatars'. if so why?
  19. routemarker

    FBE Revue

    is it a joke? They aren't even recognised by the Student Guild or the Union which is why theyre performing in that tent in front of the red centre. lol
  20. routemarker

    Welcome to Faculty of Commerce and Economics

    so where are the Finance/Accounting double majors :D?