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    How hard is the final exam?

    With uni going by very fast and lecturers blitzing through their slides in the lectures, how hard is the final exam going to be? Is it harder than HSC? I'm doing Math1131, Engg1000, Engg1811 and Phys1121 plus people say that those who study their ass of during uni will generally get D and HD...
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    Preparing for Uni?

    so im doing Mech Eng at UNSW this year and im doing a maths, phys, chem and a computing course. I heard that the maths is pretty much yr 12 4unit. How can I prepare for this? I only did 2u maths (hsc mark 87). How can I also prepare for the other subs?
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    a little help?

    Tryna connect my macbook pro to an external monitor (yet to buy). What are the adaptors/cables that I need to buy? Will there be any problems if I use this method? like things such as heating of the macbook pro? or it will decrease the battery life? and can I use any wireless keyboard and mouse...
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    MacBook pro: apple shop vs external shop

    just did some research and found out that MacBook pro from shops such as Harvey Norman, dick smith etc. has cheaper MacBook pro. any reasons why? like has it been tweaked and what not?
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    NBA 2K12 ps3

    your thoughts?
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    Playstation 3

    is it still worth buying the PS3 or wait til PS4 comes out? i'll probably play it frequently these holidays and occasionally(1 or 2 times a week next year) because of university and all.
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    Pacquiao vs Marquez

    And pacquiao wins once again! Yeah pacman!!!
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    A Day In The Life Of An Engineering Student.

    so can you all provide a brief perspective for the people who is possibly doing this degree in the coming years? or perhaps write what you all did today as an engineering degree. I'm pretty sure us engineering students are more exciting than law students.
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    What are your internal assessment ranks?

    and are you satisfied?
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    table A3

    how do I read and interpret this table from UAC to find out about my subject scaling and all that? thanks
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    weights without cardio?

    any thoughts? well I might do 3 weights workout per week and do cardio in between those days. I wanna lose the fat and the inches around my waist area, I don't care if I gain kilos as long as it is muscle mass. any thoughts on this? currently 95 kg and 183 cm
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    What did you write for parsecs? -for relative brightness? -for ceiphids: intrinsic and extrinsic? And the last question? Oh and do you think I can get a mark for the distance question cos I converted parsecs to lightyears..
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    band 6 cut-off.

    Probably around 78-80 in my opinion.
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    scaling vs aligning

    So which one is more.. Like for example, a 74 in chemistry aligns to 90. What does a 74 in chemistry scale to?
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    questions about industrial chemistry.

    What was your mass of cacl2 from a tonne of nacl? What were your explanations of the anode and cathode... Like what was the bubbles, why was the litmus red at positive and blue at negative?
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    haircut style

    What is the name of the haircut that most NRL players have? Where it is shaven at the side and like a Mohawk down the middle... It's not exactly a Mohawk though Kinda like this one
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    HSC marking?

    Are BoS marking the finished paper right now? Like English and all the rest. And for the past hsc guys, how did you deal with the waiting game for the results? Cause I personally get anxious and worry about the results too much cause I can't wait to see how good/bad I did. Any ideas on what to do?
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    BEng(materials science and engineering)/Masters of Biomedical Engineering?

    Anyone know about BEng(materials science and eng)/Masters of biomed eng. Why is it offered to undergrads when it has masters? Is the masters done after the bachelor degree? And what are the job prospects for it? Can I transfer to chem eng after first year?
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    maths in first year engineering?

    How hard is it? And do you think I'll be okay with 3 unit maths knowledge? Or is it helpful to have 4u knowledge?