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  1. Galladrim

    Israel Affirmative Action in Gaza

    The people in that comments section sound like they have the collective intelligence of a rock.
  2. Galladrim

    Israel Affirmative Action in Gaza

    I'm in complete agreement with you, but as I asked before - what is the alternative approach?
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    Israel Affirmative Action in Gaza

    You never did, but how else would you remove yourself of people determined to see your kind gone if you can't assassinate them?
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    Israel Affirmative Action in Gaza

    Would you prefer an invasion force? I'm sure that would reduce casualties.
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    Check your email, just sent you some notes :)

    Check your email, just sent you some notes :)
  6. Galladrim

    Is anyone doing Pompeii and Herculaneum in year 12 by any chance ?

    You'll find it has its own sub forum here as well ;)
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    In need of advice on whether to drop Maths or Extension History... Or none?

    If you enjoy History and don't enjoy Maths, drop Maths.Funnily enough I was in the exact same position when it came to year 12, and I was really glad I did drop Maths, you feel so much better for it. Attitude can really count for a lot here. Don't concern yourself too much with scaling...
  8. Galladrim

    crime writing or life stories?

    Crime Writing is by far the most popular option in EEXI. But it is actually a really interesting study when you go poking around in it. It's a big boost when it comes to developing creative compositions, as there's so many different options and styles to choose from.
  9. Galladrim

    What to expect from Extension 1?

    Speeches are a mandatory part of assessment in English now as I understand it. I always disliked them as well, and it was the one thing I couldn't top, but remember it's only going to be one of four or five assessments.
  10. Galladrim

    Text Books and Notes for Ancient History

    Hey there! A great place to start is the resources section here on BoredofStudies These act as a really good launching pad for you to commence your own studies. They helped me in Ancient last year :). Best of Luck!
  11. Galladrim

    Hey there, good luck with your EEXII Viva Voce and Extension History and Extension English...

    Hey there, good luck with your EEXII Viva Voce and Extension History and Extension English assessments. I know only too well what you're probably feeling at the moment with the week from hell coming up. I'm sure you'll come through with flying colors :) . And even if you don't exactly smash it...
  12. Galladrim

    Aboriginals Recognised in Constitution

    Beyond the vague intangibility of lawyer vernacular, could some please explain in layman terms what physical changes this is making? What on earth does acknowledgement do? Wasn't that the whole point of Kevin Rudd's official apology? Thanks :)
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    The answer to this will be different from person to person, and that's simply because our bodies need different amounts of sleep to function properly. Personally, I need around nine hours if I want to be doing anything productive the next day. If you spend two hours tossing and turning, or even...
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    Dux of your school

    I believe he got 99.6
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    HTA Extension Prize 2011

    The only info they gave out was early 2012. My guess is maybe when the school year starts?
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    Is this normal?

    No problem :)I just hope you are referring to my second suggestion not my first:haha:
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    Is this normal?

    Is it normal to stress out right now? Yes. There are several ways I could tell you to deal with it. The first: The second is take some time out to laugh at the stupidity of my first suggestion. Believe me when I say that a holiday is meant to be a holiday. Doing an hour or two every day...
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    Should I go to the library to study?

    One of the best environments you can get if you go to a decent library that isn't too noisy. Just make sure you don't go with people who are likely to distract you or you'll defeat the purpose of the exercise.
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    Critical Response question

    No. You obviously need a purpose behind your response, but not a formalised question per se.