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    Putting it all in Perspective

    To make sure we all know where we are at. Lets form a list of requirements needed before uni starts. 1. 19th December, 2003 - UAI results 2. 19th Janurary 2004 -Main Round Offers 3. 26th-30th January -Enrolments 4...
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    Can someone (apart from Dingo2004) please clarify this. I am doing SoSc in Criminology, I need 240 Units of Credit to complete the course. -I gain 20 Units from completing core Social Science Units -I gain another 40 units from the foundation pool of subjects - I gain a further 80 units...
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    Diploma In Law: Law Enxtension Committee

    Just wondering who has registered as a Student-at-Law with the LPAB to do the Diploma course.
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    Is there one? If so, when and where?
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    Political Parties on Campus

    Just interested in finding out if anyone will be joining any political movements run by students on campus?
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    Political Slant

    Well just thought I would find out what political party people leaned towards.
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    How many offers?

    I just wanted to clarify, how many offers can we recieve? For example if you are legible for 3 courses, does that mean 3 offers can be made (providing other criterion is met)?
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    EAS and Cut Offs

    The UAI cut-offs are accessible now, but how is the EAS cut-off known, is there a special cut-off list published, or is it with our offers. Also are EAS offers made in the main round offers or do we need to wait for late round.
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    Social Science (Criminology)

    Just wandering if anyone will be doing this course and if so, what are you career plans?
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    Law Extension Committee

    Just wandering what uni students, LEC Students or students who have just finished the HSC think of the Law Extension Committee's Diploma in Law course.
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    Helpful Website

    Hey I just finished my HSC this year and have made a site for Legal Studies to provide people with help on the course and on a future in law. The site is still being upgraded and built, but have a look around, worth it, especially when new features are added such as the courtroom overview.
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    Desk Checking

    Whilst it is something that seems so simple, I am a little confused at how to construct a desk check table. So I am wandering if anyone can clarify it, I refer to the Sam Davis Textbook which ought to be commended for explaining it in the most practical way on page 211.
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    Question 8

    The scenario said Chris "disovered", how did she discover, did she look inside the cereal or did she discover it from an injury or from consuming the product? Furthermore no contracts exist between consumer and manufacturer, and commonsense would also mean that the vendor would not be sued...
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    Just wandering, is anybody from here going to try out for Law next year whether it be the LLB or DipLaw?
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    Just wandering if people know the difference between Formal and Real Equality.
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    Just enquiring into the Law degree mainly, does anybody have a fair prediction what the UAI cutt-off for law will be for next year's admission? Will it be a massive jump or will it be steady? Cheers