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    Yr 10 Past Papers needed for Science and English (and Normahurst)

    So is the maths like what I learnt in year 10?
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    Need help for subject selection (year 11)

    Thank you. But just pointing out chemistry is the subject I don't like haha.
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    Yr 10 Past Papers needed for Science and English (and Normahurst)

    Hello. I need past papers on Year 10 English specifically on Animal Farm (such as writing an extended long response essay) and Science specifically on Year 10 Physics and Biology and Skills (Physics: universe, including galaxies, stars, solar systems and nebul, technological developments that...
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    Need help for subject selection (year 11)

    Hello all, I'm currently in year 10 and my subject selection is this week and I would like all of your input before I select my subjects. Right now I have two combinations of subjects that I'm torn between: Combo 1: 3u Maths, Advanced English, Physics, Eco, Business, PDHPE Combo 2: 3u Maths...
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    Year 11 Selective

    Hi, I'm looking to get into a school this year for year 11 next year. I'm already trying out for Girra and my second and my third options are most likely to be Ruse and Sydney Boys. Do anyone have any tips for me to get into them (Ruse and Sydney Boys)? My recent report is 5 A's (Maths, English...
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    Selective for year 10

    Cheltenham is good. Doesn't have too much competition, you should try out for that. Just hope your friend doesn't try out and don't forget your school ranking is low so that'll drag you down so trying to get into a top 20 selective school is too tough.
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    Selective for year 10

    You already did year 10? Then how are you going to try out? And if you're peers have better applications, it's going to be extremely hard getting in.
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    ATAR Estimate

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    ATAR Estimate

    So far looks like a mystery mark ... yikes! What're your marks?
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    Baulkham Hills Application Guide

    Hi, I'm gonna try out next year but I'm worried that since i get B's across all my subjects but next year, say if I get all A's is that fine? Also, I've played grade oztag and cricket outside school and I'm going to start soccer and/or basketball next year. Do I have a chance? Also is ICAS...
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    what are my chances?

    Hello, can you please tell me what you got for your year 9 yearly and year 10 half-yearly reports and what extracurricular activities/competitions did you do? Thanks.
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    Euler's Theorem

    wtf they use euler's method in 4u. DAMN
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    ATAR Estimate Post HSC

    He's gonna say 70-80 I bet.
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    atar estimate plz