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    Importance of reading

    Im talking about general reading, so excluding your texts that you have to study at school. How much do you guys read? Is it important for the HSC, especially in terms of Craft of writing? I have a lot of friends who are doing very well in english but read very little as well as people who...
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    R in PV=nRT

    It appears that when solving questions involving this equation, the value of R depends on units of pressure and volume and sometimes temperature (which is almost always kelvin). How do we know which value of R to use in a given question and do we have to memories each of these values?
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    Combinatorics Practise Questions?

    Hey, Do you have a link i can follow, i cant seem to find it. Thank you
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    Combinatorics Practise Questions?

    Hi, I have a topic test on combinatorics in the next 2 weeks or so. Anyone have any practise worksheet/test that i could do? Thank you :)
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    Should I drop to Standard Math??

    ahh, my mistake. ive just been told by a lot of people (including teachers) that it is best to do the highest possible level of maths if you are doing physics.
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    Should I drop to Standard Math??

    Since ur doimg physics i think you showuld keep it... Some teachers even recommend doing 3u maths if ur doing physics so dropping to standard would be a big handicap
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    Making notes advice

    Just started year 11 and for the past week ive been writing my notes everyday after each lesson. For example if i had physics, chem and maths on a particular day, i would go home and make notes on them. However, since i have other commitments like tution, and a school homework, the workload is...
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    Year 9 Science Experiment Ideas?

    Does basil grow better with normal water or sugary water?
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    Getting ready for year 11 English

    Hellooo, So as we all know school just ended. I failed miserably in English this year but did alright in other subjects. I want to obviously use these holidays to work on my English and feel more confident about it going into year 11. Anyone have any advice or tips on how i can improve over the...
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    SAC or Business Studies

    @Cherrybomb56 I haven't heard from them so i guess i am not in?
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    SAC or Business Studies

    Is the major work for SAC in year 11 or 12? Because I will be dropping it in year 12 and do 10/11 units. But that is IF i do well in the other subjects. Right now SAC/business is just a filler.
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    SAC or Business Studies

    I have to choose between either doing SAC or business next year for year 11. Im really unsure which i should do. Anyone have any advice or what either of these subjects are like. If it helps, my other subjects are 3u maths, 3u english, physics and chem. I am also not keen on doing 14 units...
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    !!!!urgent help needed on moving schools

    Yea Eddie Woo is very good. I am in year 10 and I really love watching his vids, and i have also learnt so much from him. Hes a dream maths teacher.
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    !!!!urgent help needed on moving schools

    I think cherrybrook has a high ranking, a few of my friends from my schools have moved there. Plus Eddie Woo teaches there (idk if he still is) :)
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    Help a fellow yr10

    Hello there! I have a geography assignment due this Friday and we have to build a whole (sustainable city) and display it to the class. The teacher said we can use apps such as minecraft and sketchup. However, since we only have 3 day to do it i feel like MC/sketchup would take way too long...
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    This for year 10?
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    Best English Tutoring Colleges

    Hmm.. I think it depends on the teachers your class gets picked. For example, I had a teacher in year 8/9 that had a pHD in English Literature, so id assume she was very qualified. She also taught well...i just didn't listen in class. I am going there again for year 11 English, so lets hope i...
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    year 10 science past papers?

    Hello, does anyone have any year 10 yearly science past papers (preferably with answers). I cant seem to find any online and I want to practice for my yearly exam over the holidays. Thank you
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    what are my chances?

    so i have a reserve position in baulko for year 11 right now, top 5, and i wanted to know what are my chances of getting in to the school? thanks
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    Quotes and notes for Animal Farm

    hmm...funny i have a test on animal farm too on Tuesday...