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    PIP cross-cultural ideas?? HELP!

    That's totally ok, I'm glad I could be of help in some way. :D
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    PIP cross-cultural ideas?? HELP!

    I'm not a very reliable person seeing that I'm not very good a SAC, but I have some ideas that you could potentially use for that idea. 1. Doing a cross-cultural comparison on people from generation y and generation z. You could ask them about their romantic ideals and compare gen y and to gen...
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    Science Extension

    I hope not! XD
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    Science Extension

    @Drdusk We get to choose our own area of research, which is really good. :) it doesn't even have to be science-based!
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    Science Extension

    Hey OP! Seven people from my school are currently doing Extension Science. The research area that I'd like to study is natural sustainability, or anything EES based. What about you? :D
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    PIP Topic Help

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your response. I didn't think about the integrating concepts into my topic idea, it now makes a bit more sense. And thank you for explaining the cross-cultural comparison a bit more, I thought the cross-cultural comparison was the only time, gender, etc so that...
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    Ages 13-19, look here!

    Hello guys, I'm looking for ages 13-19 to complete my IRP survey on "can video games lead to a decrease in the emotional and social well-being of teenagers?" I would love if non-gamers would complete my survey too (though my questions are more targeted at people who regularly play video...
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    Texts for year 12??

    My class is doing Rainbows End!
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    PIP Topic Help

    Hey guys! I've been trying to formulate a PIP question that crossovers with my IRP so I can use the same quantitative and qualitative data. This is my topic for my IRP: "Can video games lead to a decrease in the emotional and social well-being of adolescents?" I've been having trouble...
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    Help!! Need PIP ideas!!

    Hey OP, I've just started year 12 as well and also started my PIP too (whoo hoo for early starters :headbang:)! I'm really fascinated by the 'Money and happiness' topic you thought of, it's very original. I also love your 'Discrimination of minorities in the criminal justice system' topic, it'd...
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    IRP Topic Help- Constructive Criticism Please?

    Hey guys! I'm curious to know what people think about my IRP topic. "How do video games affect a humans emotional well-being" Is it relevant to CAFS and the IRP? Can it be improved? Would love to know peoples thoughts on it. Thanks guys! :lol: edit: I changed the wording to: "can video games...