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    Student ID card

    You'll change your tune quickly if you ever get a job in the city. Does anyone that has a job plan on applying for a concession sticker this year? After reading the terms on SOLS (and hearing about this last year) it seems that anyone employed is not elligable for the student rates. AFAIK...
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    By week 4 or so, so long as I didn't come in at half past and expect a spot then I was fine. If I came in around 15 or even 20 past then there's usually people leaving, and less people to fight spots for then at half past. Plus coming in 10 minutes early leaves just enough time for a coffee...
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    I've never had a problem with Internet quota, and you're able to monitor how much you're using anyway. Then again I'm hardly ever at uni.
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    I'd think it would depend on what your hours were. If you're at uni early then it shouldn't be a problem, but if you're getting in after 10:30 most days then you might have a problem. Could always throw down 4 weeks pay and get a dedicated spot ;)
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    Worth trying for Early Entry Comp. Sc?

    Re: ? worth thrying for Early Entry Comp. Sc? It's always worth it. Most people don't get guaranteed a spot, but they will tell you what to hit with your marks. They might look at your marks and say if you get an 80 in maths then you will have a spot, so you know what to aim at and study for...
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    Is Information Technology and Computer Science deteriorating?

    Pretty much my sentiment exactly. In my lab today there was someone who had presumably done 4 semesters of a computer science degree (this was csci222) and didn't realise to compile a program that you need to tell the compiler the correct file name to use. Unfortunately the uni is fighting a...
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    Current ICT students!

    Current students should notice no change to their degree. The subjects will remain the same except it's possible that some electives will be discontinued in place of newer subjects. If you're still in first year I'm guessing it'd be very easy to switch since the first year is probably unchanged...
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    I thought it was pretty easy. There were a few questions in the java section and the .net question which I didn't study enough for but was able to make reasonable guesses at. Nothing was too demanding though which is fine by me. I'm sick of comp. sci. exams where you're expected to write...
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    No past papers are available, not even in the library archives. I assume you have seen this on the site for this subject but apparently this is all the help we get: Doesn't look too difficult, but then again nabg isn't known for going easy on students. I think there's at least one person...
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    looking for Past Year Papers

    Try going to the library and asking at the information desk. A lot of subjects won't have past papers at all though, depends on the subject coordinator and if they're a dick or not.
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    WebCT upgrade gone mad

    Yes I think you're romanticising the past a bit there. Webct has always been very ugly, slow, and poorly designed, although I agree it's even worse now. I get those stupid popups too, and if you block the popups in your browser you just get an alert box instead, really helpful! Also, webct vista...
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    Summer Session

    Wish I could, SITACS don't offer any courses though :(
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    Early Entry - Results

    They send letters to everyone.
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    Early Entry

    This man speaks the truth.
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    Early Entry

    I don't think the uni has a complete early entry page, every faculty seems to have their own seperate information which makes it kind of hard to see everything offered. According to the 2007 early entry flyer the only courses mentioned are: Engineering - Physics -...
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    Just apply. You will at least get a conditional offer.
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    Early Entry

    There's been a lot of advice and discussion on early entry in this forum over the years so search through some older threads. I think everything that can be said has already been said, but in my experience, they focus pretty heavily on your marks and not much else. Others might tell you...
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    Mark270 Services Marketing plan

    Have you checked the lecture notes?
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    UNI choice What to do?

    5 other people? Are you serious? I would rather live 100kms away than live in a house with 5 other people. What is the public transport situation from your house? Check if there's any direct buses to Wollongong near you because I don't think you're going to want to catch the train from there...
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    Uni Music 06

    They announced a tour a few days ago.