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    maths hsc new syllabus

    don't be shy, attach your schools' 2020 exams for maths adv, ext and ext 2 🥺
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    atar calculators

    Hi! A question for the graduated peeps out hereee How accurate are the ATAR Calculators like the ones on hscninja and talent 100?
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    legal notes

    pick a number from 5 to 10. selling my friend's 2019 almost-state-ranked legal notes for 5-10 bucks cos she's really poor. every dollar counts. thanks. please b generous. check my previous post for more info or just pm me. oh, but also donate to the blm movement bye
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    Engineering trial papers

    hi does anyone have or know of any places that i can find engineering past papers :( asking for a friend ;)
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    Hi guys does anyone have a mediafire account i can borrow to download past paper folders.....
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    Bro these are the only documents you need to get 100 in Legal

    Hi guys, My close friend who graduated in 2019, is selling her really good HSC Legal Studies Notes for really really cheap (she recently got fired from her sushi train job cos they closed lol). She graduated from a Top 5 Selective School with an ATAR of 99.5 and is currently studying in USYD...
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    so i want to do law at unsw, but these dumbass exams are making me stress OUT!!!! I failed all of my task2 exams but did pretty well for task1 (my ranks dropped from top 40 to top 80 /150 in top10 school , do I still have a chance in getting a 99 atar???? If so, what kind of marks should I aim...