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  1. dawso

    B Engineering @ UoW

    sounds good... and remember, drink with your left hand holding your beer and your right hand covering the top ;) this will make sense to you after keg race
  2. dawso

    soundwave timetable up

    stage 3 will be next to stage 1/2 like last year line up was done with the best of intentions but of course there will be clashes, ill be working all day and even i will have clashes in the bands i want to see :( just remember people, dont go to the front gate, use some brains and walk...
  3. dawso

    B Engineering @ UoW

    Ok so after your first year it will be easy to change to virtually anything. All first year subjects are common across all engineering disciplines After your second year it will not be too hard to change to enviro or civil, but will add an entire year if you went across to...
  4. dawso

    Engineering Grad Salaries

    you also have to look at the work hours and living conditions but living on some off shore oil rig for 11 months a year or in mt isa for 10 days on, 2 days off doing 14 hours aint the type of engineering thats getting the money its the general work conditions also, students...
  5. dawso

    Raiks Remembers the Unibar

    yeah its shit gone are the days where you could know the person behind the bar and pay for a beer and get 3 beers and some chips, you now have to deal with 7 different people :(
  6. dawso

    Average Cost of Drinks During Schoolies

    haha goon the dapto briefcase = awesomeness :)
  7. dawso


    its all about free shit man... come see me at the optus tent and ill score ya some freebies... dont have waterpistols this year in huge amounts (only like 100...last year had 5000) but instead have bottle opener keyrings and random other shite
  8. dawso

    Environment or Medicinal Chemistry?

    environmental = tree hugging hippies medicinal = pill popping meth producers its your choice :)
  9. dawso

    UniCentre VIP worth it?

    one can go out to a gig and enjoy themselves without drinking.... its called l-l-l-lllllive music.... hard to fathom i know but alongside pill poppin djs, there are people who actually make real music still these days
  10. dawso

    does anyone

  11. dawso

    Financial Hardship EAS at UOW

    this system is fucked... 'im poor therefore im stupid, give me pity' if i got 2 use this one itd be UAI = 98.5 + 3 (local) + 10 = 111.5 :D
  12. dawso

    Safety of Wollongong Area

    thats only if u include rdl venues in these statistics :P and most often it is internal staff bashings
  13. dawso

    UniCentre VIP worth it?

    of course, if u have no life and sit on here all day then vip wont be worth it... but as people have said, buy a few textbooks, go 2 a few gigs and get the odd lunch and ull save urself some money
  14. dawso

    UniCentre VIP worth it?

    its funny that you say this when the awesome thing about wollongong uni is that all this ISNT run by the student union ur money for vip doesnt go into making a donation to the liberal party, doesnt go into trying to fight for gay rights, and certainly doesnt go into campaigning and all the...
  15. dawso


    damn straight.... first years must line up and when the line goes out the door, you must join the end of it..... for the rest of us, you may simply walk to the side, get the attention of ur friendly unibar bob, and get ur beer without a fuss..... oh, and dont try 2 bring ur vip card out at...
  16. dawso

    D&T Major

    i havent bothered 2 read all these people's reply but in my experience, you should be continually updating ALL components of the project both written and practical throughout the entire thing and dont listen to what people say about not being able to do it at the end....i did 60% of my...
  17. dawso

    Enrolment Days

    touche...oh touche
  18. dawso


    yeh but u can always pretend to be hardcore in online forums....its heaps easy and makes u warm deep down inside
  19. dawso

    Who Wants Vip Entry?

    *sigh* the problem with city clubs these days is that every man and his dog is working as a promoter, and every man and his dog gets 'vip' entry to every club.... dont be a fag, all u really want is the $3 cut u get for each person that enters the club but dont worry, ill email you 100...
  20. dawso


    with cheese :P just one warning to all first years.... do not, under any circumstances, walk up to the unibar pool tables in the first few weeks, act like your king shit and lovin the fact u can drink 'at school' and try to take over the table... one kid did it this year...he ended up...