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    What makes a guy/girl UNattractive?

    turn offs: obsession with sex and being an overall pervert. snobs turn ons: having a nice smell :) sense of humour sexy hair :D
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    Change - Related Texts

    Im in real need of a cartoon or drawing relating to changing self. Please dont suggest leunig unless you have a specific example coz he's just killing me =( A picture book would be ok aswell if anyone knows anything =S Thanks beforehandd :D
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    English Supplementary Material Topic: Change

    im in advanced english year 11 and also doing changing self. But i need a catergory B text such as a painting, print advertisement, cartoon, drawing, photographic image, sculpture, picture book. Does anyone know or have any particular images or artists that i can look up? Please :)
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    English Supplementary texts - Changing Self

    Can anyone give me a supplementary text to do with changing self? i need two of them =(