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  1. dawso


    simple as that....who has caught the poker bug? where do you play? what type of poker? im currently playing in the australian poker league, winning some good prizes as well as playing in a few online sites and playin the no limit holdem tables at star yeah....discuss
  2. dawso

    More BAshings...

    or alternatively......the uni could provide sufficient parking and not make us pay for it, and that way, we wouldnt have to walk through back alleys to get to cars and get beaten up in the process.... and all i have to say about the dumbass 16 year old that got arrested.....bad Pumba......i...
  3. dawso

    Premier's Awards

    well...who else has to go and sit around for 2 hours to be "briefed" and then sit by whilst some old man gives out certificates to a shit load of people.....?? sounds like great fun :S
  4. dawso

    Civil Eng.

    anyone here do civil engineering (or any engineering really...) at wollongong?? also, anyone do engineering/commerce double or...anyone on an engineering scholarship?? u have any secrets i should know or any advice in advance before doing this course?? ive been...
  5. dawso

    first in state

    gday all miss "samantha lee dawson" i have to say congratulations...not only did u get first in d+t but you have done the media rounds and put a good word in for d+t.... if u do not post on bos...which u probably dont, someone pass on my words... i wanna know what kinda...
  6. dawso

    Lagwagon / Against Me!

    about a week ago i heard the great news that lagwagon had confirmed a tour out here and were playing at the gaelic in february....then to add to the pleasure, against me are playing one week later at the same venue :D geez the past few months and coming months have seen some top ska/punk...
  7. dawso


    Gday all, I currently own a 6ft board but im looking to buy a cheapo softboard that i can chuck in my car and go out for a quick surf, and also take it up 2 schoolies (dont wanna wreck my existing one) Does anyone know much about softboards, do they not ride as well and therefore need 2 be...
  8. dawso

    AC vs DC Generators

    gday all, just wonderin what anyone has for this dot point (please dont just link me 2 hsc online, ive done that and checked most text books, just wonderin what other people have...) "discuss advantages / disadvantages of AC + DC generators and relate these to their use" cheers -dawso
  9. dawso

    Tutoring Wollongong ARea

    gday all any 2006 HSCers or 2006 year 11 students who are after tutoring in wollongong area pm me or email me on: specialitys include: Extention 2 Maths Extention 1 Maths Physics Earth and Environmental Science (finished in 2004 with band 6) also...
  10. dawso

    conics (is the devil)

    it may be the devil, although this question has to be too simple?? last year's hsc paper, question 4 (C) (ii) (for those without access to the is just an ellipse in standard form.....chord of contact drawn and the poiint from which the tangents have been drawn has been shifted...
  11. dawso

    MODS, Whats happening this year?

    gday all, especially our highly loved and cherished moderators and administrators :D last year we had the scavenger hunt, and in the past few years there have been exam discussion forums opened up.... whats happening this year.... if nothing, then ...ok, but itd be great 2 have at...
  12. dawso

    advice line now open!

    no, sorry 2 get ur hopes up, they didnt decide 2 finally include d+t on the advice line, so instead we can go through all our problems here, if ya need any help just ask cause it will help me by going through stuff and discussing it all which sections are people thinking will be hard in this...
  13. dawso

    what mark for a 98?

    ok, so there it is, school gave me an assessment of 98 (yeah, they shudnt tell us but oh well....they did) so what raw mark in the exam will i need 2 sustain a 98?
  14. dawso

    the ivory trail

    ok everyone, im really struggling 2 work out the journey issues in this text im trying to link it to coleridge which is all about the inner understanding of the journeyer gained from the journey but i cant link it at all if anyone has any notes on the ivory trail or just some tips or...
  15. dawso

    back to the future

    gday all, is anyone doin back to the future as a related text....well i know some of u are cause its been mentioned heaps, well does someone hav notes that they wanna swap wit me....ive done 4 related texts but just want a movie as well just in case cheers and beers -dawso
  16. dawso

    Journal Entries

    gday all just havin a look at 2004 cssa paper one and u have to write a series of journal entries..... can anyone think of more creative ways 2 start each of these than "dear diary/journey/log etc" anyone got any gud ideas for journal entries in general discuss at will cheers...
  17. dawso

    i may as well post my uai prediction thread

    seeing as though everyone is doing it, people gimme estimates for my uai score... note im at selective score so rankings are fairly low.... adv. english - 72% (79/130) design + tech - 96% (1/12) + design tech nomination, w0ot! physics - 92% (8/32) ext 1 maths - 98% (2/58) ext 1 maths -...
  18. dawso

    conical pendulum (easy type)

    ok everyone, this is a pretty basic conical question but i swear the answer that the book has is wrong....giv us a hand "if the number of revolutions per minute of a conical pendulum is increased from 75 to 100 find the rise in the level of the bob?"
  19. dawso

    Mod Arg on Caclulator

    gday all i remember a while back someone at school was showing me how u can plug in any imaginary number to ur calculatopr and press keys etc and calculate the mod /arg for that number (good for weird val;ues) ive got a sharp....does anyone know how 2 do this or hit me up with a useful...
  20. dawso

    No Use for a Name

    gday all those out there in rock and roll land, NUFAN are headed out 2 oz in about a month, does anyone have any idea about their support on this tour?