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    help in maths 1013

    hey i was wonderin if someone could help me in this question; A colony of birds increases by 10% each year from birth and death processes, and by 20 birds a year by immigration. Initially there were 40 birds. How many are there after 5 years? Thanx
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    past papers?

    how can we get past papers for ecmt 1010? where do we get them from??
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    need help with the quiz on 2morrow.. u know.. ecmt1010.. quiz 2.. surely gonna flunk.. cant do questions 4 onwards... :( :( plzzzzzzzzzz help
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    quiz questions :(

    hey i was jus goin through the quiz questions and im totally thrown off cos these questions r NOTHING like the questions we went through in the workshops... theyre like a million times harder... :( can anyone plzzzzz help me with the first question at least plzzzzzzzzz 1. Given S Xi = 20...
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    question about transferring

    hey, im gon do arts/commerce combined, but the thing is, iv always jus wanted to do psychology. ( i got accepted into ma second preferenc which was arts/commerce, psychology was ma first) so to the point. i wanna try and transfer to psychology by gettin a credit or distinction average (im...
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    rechecking marks

    hey i jus wanna ask yr advice on something i got 91.8 in ma uai. im very happy wit that but in me anglish extension 1 exam i got 31/50. which is very bad cos iv been goin good all year the lowest ig ot all year was like 32/50 and it onoly happned ONCE so im thinkin shud i send an...
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    is this thread closed/

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    james ruse 2003 trial papers

    can anyone plz post the anwers?? the website doesnt have the answers for them.. plz get bak to me as soon as possible thanx
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    question :s :S

    hey this is from the 1978 paper... yeh i know it sounds weird doin a paper from sucha long time ago... butman... theyre sooooo much harder then the recent papers, good practise ;) anyhoo.. heres the question two cars represented by points a and b are travelling east and due north...
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    barker 2001 3 unit solutions

    hai i was jus wonderin if anyone can do question 2a from this paper when u do it by calculator u do it right.. but it cant be though cos when u work it out by hand it dusnt turn out right.. thanx
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    success one trial hsc papers (from the 2003 boook)

    hey the dfd's in the success one books are a bit scary.. their long and dont make any sense to me can anyone plz draw me the dfd for question 25d, part III (the medicare questioon thing) btw.. this is tps.. thanx plz try get bak to me as soon possible
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    cssa trials 2003

    hey iv been tryna do tihs question for ages and still cant work it out... i did this for ma trials and STILL cant get the answer.. :( its question 4b, part III thanx
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    hai what are the information processes involved in bill generation?
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    probablity question

    in a three wheel poker machine there are ten symbols on each wheel there are 5 lemons on the first wheel 3 on the 2nd, and 2 on the last what is the probalility that the two outside wheels will show a lemon with something different on the middle wheel plz get bak to me as soon as...
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    2002 multiple choice question

    hey can anyone work out how to do question 5 from the multiiple choice in te 2002 hsc paper? thanx
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    another lil question

    if we were given a wavelength of say a 100nm, and had to sub it into an equation like c = f *wavelength, what do we need to divide the wavelength by to get into the form so we can sub into the equation :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    cssa trials 2001

    hai iv been tryna do question 2 for the multiple choice on the cssa trials for 2001 and dont even know where to start but.. i tried puttin the wavelength into m's, then subbed in to c = f * wavelength plzz im so lost get bak to me as soon as possible thanx a bunch bye
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    Uai Estimation For My Friend

    hey can u please estimate my friends uai based on her school assessment marks? ENGLISH ADVANCED 2 UNIT- 82 (ACTUAL HSC MARK) BUSINESS STUDIES- 95 1ST out of 16 IPT- 92 2ND out of 15 MATHS 2UNIT ADVANCED- 60 30th out of 49 BIOLOGY- 79 i go to a selective school thats in the top 40...
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    anyone with lazseeker

    hai if anyoneeee with lazseeker can help me with calculating my estimated uai id be grateful assesment mark : rank maths 2 unit: 99 - 1/49 physics - 75 - 17-19 ipt - 86 - 4/15 3 unit maths: 65 - 7-14 3 unit english: 42/50 - 3/12 2 unit english advanced: 84 ( i did...
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    hai a lil question... u know in the third columns for the syllabus points, some of the answers i hav r really long. in the hsc the core topics giv u a certain amount of lines to right for each question.. if i dont hav enuf lines to write can i attach a page n continue my answer? thanx