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    harsh teacher marking

    We have two advanced English teachers, my teacher marks really easily while the other teacher marks very harshly. So far I've been marked by the harsh marker and our marking has been very inconsistent. I used to be top 5, but now I'm like 11th. Plus both teachers don't like each other and don't...
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    T.S eliot

    Any tips on making a T.S eliot master essay? Our class is behind and I'm stressing before trials. If anyone has any notes or tips please let me know
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    Internal marks/external marks

    I'm not doing too well in internals right now 1/43 in legal 3/65 in business 1/3 sor 1 5/7 in ext 1 maths 15/26 in adv maths 11/46 in adv english Can I do well in my externals and hopefully get a good atar or cause of my ranks so far am I screwed? btw my school is like 300
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    Feedback for my common mod essay please since my teacher hasn't checked my essay since early this year!

    Texts demonstrate the idea that when an individual is set to a confined standard the erratic and inconsistent behaviour within us prevails. Hence our chaotic nature and unpredictability allows us to differentiate between one another and is what defines a human experience. Every individual is...
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    Anyone who was sorta looking forward to the fun aspect of year 12 disappointed?

    Other then the amount of work, stress and confusion we would need to deal with in year 12. I was actually really looking forward towards all the fun aspects of year 12. Like the colour run, trip to cairns etc. Anyone else a bit upset that high school is ending like this? (Also I acknowledge that...
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    Scaling and ranks

    I'm worried about scaling and my ranks 11/47 in advanced english 15/26 in advanced maths (stuffed up first term) 1/60 legal studies 3/65 business studies 5/7 ext 1 maths 1/3 sor 1 I'm hoping for a 90+ atar is this possible or is there any tips I should use?
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    I'm currently first in legal studies and fifth in business studies with a difference of 2 marks. How does scaling work? I didn't really consider it and now I'm freaking out thinking I should have chosen higher scaling subjects because I don't want my marks to come down.
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    Jobs other then law

    This might be a stupid question, but is there any other jobs then being a lawyer with a law degree? I'm really into social justice and international crime, so I was seeing if there's any jobs in intelligence, or something that incorporates law
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    Best university for law

    How would you rank these universities for law: University of Wollongong UTS Western university Macquarie university
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    PPE and Law?

    Anybody who does ppe, how do you find it? Is it a useful degree? I'm thinking of doing ppe with law
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    Courses and Uni

    Hi! I was thinking of doing law, but I'm unsure about what double degree would be the most. At this point I have these three as my options: 1. international studies 2. Commerce 3. Philosophy, politics and law What do you guys think? About the universities is it true that USYD and UNSW are the...
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    Answer to this legal studies question

    Hey can someone help me answer this question? 'Explain using an example, ONE indigenous issue which highlights compliance or non-compliance.'
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    physics scaling

    Hey! So from the last two assessments my internal mark is about 52%, but my class ranking right now is about 4th/11. I don't know if physics is just too hard or everyone in my class is just dumb. I'm doing ok in my other subjects like adv maths, ext 1 maths, adv english, sor 1, business studies...