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    Teaching was very very average and material is awful. Chemistry is downright terrible. Teachers aren't dedicated but material is average. NGO is good for maths. Has good teachers and good material. ACE has university students who know how HSC prep feels like. And I heard good stuff from Sigma...
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    Both Adv Maths and Chemistry SUCKS at Matrix. I recommend going to someone like NGO for Maths and ACE or Sigma or PEAK.
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    Entrance Essay into Fort Street

    Hi, I'm trying out for Fort Street and they asked me to write a discussion essay. I need some help on it (i.e. how to write a discussion essay, ideas on the topic etc.). So the topic question is: Should the human rights records of bidding countries be taken into account when awarding...
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    90+ ATAR?

    Yeh. You'll definitely get 90+ ATAR. No need to improve in any subject (unless you want higher marks of course).
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    what subjects to pick for year 11 next year if i want to do med?

    Drop eco or business std (I would drop business std) then pick up physics.
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    What are the best coaching colleges?

    NGO for math and Sigma is good for physics. Maybe go to Delta for english (get ready for the extreme fees). You don't really need an economics tutor but if you have to go, go to somewhere like a tutoring centre (Talent 100/Matrix/Dux etc), or go to a specialist (Crest, Synergy etc) or you can go...
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    Having a hard time looking for tutoring centres. Help‼️

    Shouldn't go to Matrix in the first place. Talent 100 (according to its reviews) is said to be similar to Matrix. NGO is really good for maths. Don't go to Kurt, Dr Du or Zhang's. For physics and chemistry you could go to ACE or Sigma (they good really good reviews).
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    Which is the best tutoring college to work at?

    Don't go to Pre-Uni or Talent 100 (or NGO for that matter). You should go to Dux.
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    To all those who went to selective high schools

    Yeh. At least I can understand a history tutor for year 11 and year 12 if you chose a history related HSC subject...
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    Why is MAQ given so much shit

    Do u srsly play Teemo???
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    Best tutoring college for Year 7

    Definitely would NOT recommend Matrix. I went there. NGO and Sons is pretty good (not the best). James An is the worst of the ones you mentioned.
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    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    Sound of Music. Change my mind.
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    Best Tutoring Colleges

    I am currently in year 9, and I would like to go to a good tutoring centre not only for this year, but for the future (i.e. HSC). I'm looking for tutoring centres that are great but also have a lot of kids from top selective schools (e.g. James Ruse, Baulko, Penrith, Girra, Sydney Boys etc.)...