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  1. Drdusk

    What the hell should i do? Does Commerce (HR)/Science (Psychology) make sense?

    Is is called a Double Bachelors degree. I'll clear up some confusion. The degree is the actual name of your program which is Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science. In each of these degrees, you focus your time in a certain area. This is known as a Major. Your 'Major' for a Bachelor of...
  2. Drdusk

    Question regarding syllabus change.

    Oh come on it hasn't changed thaaaat much. The sample paper they provided is still 70% writing essays. Adding 50 more formulas for e.g in Physics, doesn't make the course harder. There's absolutely no emphasis on critical thinking or gaining an understanding. I would still be inclined to say...
  3. Drdusk

    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    While I will agree UNSW is a G08 uni which has good academics in Math/STEM, it still has its share of reallly bad lecturers. For math I've had 2 really shit lecturers and 2 reaally amazing ones, and the shit ones aren't shit because they don't know their stuff, rather because they can't teach it...
  4. Drdusk

    Which one am I more likely to make more money in? Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering?

    I agree with Blyatman and Bball however I would have some inclination to say your marks at least have a minor influence on you getting your first job, because everyone is on an even playing field.
  5. Drdusk

    Will 2U show up on my HSC transcript if I am taking 4U?

    I did the HSC last year, and no nothing about 2u showed up on my transcript.
  6. Drdusk

    Computer Engineering

    I mean it depends on what you want to pursue. Elec and Comp sci are very field specific whereas Comp Engi is much more broader by the looks of it. So you'll have the qualifications to design computer systems in a wide variety of fields.
  7. Drdusk

    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    In the latest QS rankings, iirc I think UNSW ranked better than USYD in Maths by quite a bit. However the general consensus I've heard is that USYD is better for Pure Mathematics and UNSW is better for applied. UNSW has a non-existent social life rn lol. Were loaded with work with the new...
  8. Drdusk

    Anyone else absolutely screwed for English let alone Mod C

    I see we share the same ideals and username lol
  9. Drdusk

    FREE 24/7 HSC Chemistry & Biology Tutoring (2019)

    Bump I must say this is a great thing that your doing, we need more great people like you! One day I aim to do the same for Physics ;)
  10. Drdusk

    Delta English Tutoring Review/Opinions Please

    How does that look suspicious?
  11. Drdusk

    Normal force physics question

    The reason is because he has made a small technical error. Now this doesn't really mean much because usually in Physics problems you just get the magnitude first and then you figure out the direction yourself manually. His technically error is in his 4th line. He stated that Now in sigma...
  12. Drdusk

    Going overseas after HSC

    Yeah it's all online. It's good to attend the orientation week though, so you get a feel for how uni is.
  13. Drdusk

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    Your arrogance towards any other belief or idea is one of the very sole reasons why I never accepted the religion my family tried to force onto me. Not only have you not justified any of your claims, but you continue to present absurd ideas without anything constructive, and to me and most...
  14. Drdusk

    Lowest ATAR in the top 2 schools?

    Much lower than you think. I mean probably in the 70s. Most people get really high atars, but there will still be like a very small few who don't.
  15. Drdusk


    My exprience of Maths at matrix was much more different. I loved maths at matrix, it was probably the best place for maths imo, probably because I had Carrotsticks as my teacher though......
  16. Drdusk

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    Okay you missed the part where I said "god probably exists but there is no point debating because we will never know." I have not put blind faith in the big bang or whatever. I only believe in valid proof, and most Physicists even the ones who invented it say this theory is incomplete. I never...
  17. Drdusk

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    There probably about a thousand religions in the world. Each of them claim to have proof that their 'god' exists. How are you so sure this is the one?? As a Physicist(or at least an aspiring Physicist) I cannot put blind faith into a supernatural creator or anything such as second life and what...
  18. Drdusk

    Near Trials, Still worth taking notes?

    I didn't write notes at all in my HSC. This close to trials you want to hammer out the past papers as much as you can and revise the content on the questions you get wrong. Between Trials and HSC is where people improve the most so you still have a chance to pull yourself up. Good luck