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  1. Drdusk

    UNSW - WAM for double degrees...?

    Hi guys I'm doing advanced science/comp sci with a major in Physics for adv sci. I'm just wondering for my final wam will it be seperate WAM's for each side of my degree or will I just get a combined WAM? Only reason I'm asking is because I'm MUCH more inclined into the Physics part of my...
  2. Drdusk

    Physics Degree - Useless?

    Hi guys I know this may sound like a stupid thread but I need some urgent advice. So ever since I was in primary school physics has always been my passion. I really like it to the point where I just do olympiad questions in my free time. I'm sure I can take it in uni. However everyone has been...
  3. Drdusk

    Requirements for a state rank

    Hi guys, I know this has been asked before but the answers I'm getting are varying and so I'm a bit confused. How is a state rank calculated? I've seen people saying that they use your internals for all the state ranks, but the BOSTES website says that this is ONLY done IF two people are...
  4. Drdusk

    Physics Exam Thoughts

    I personally found it much easier than previous years. How about you guys?:D
  5. Drdusk

    USYD or UNSW?

    Hi guys so I'm in a bit of a pickle. As you can probably tell I want to do Advance Science and Comp Sci. Problem is I cant decide between UNSW or USYD! Its my passion to do Science, however as most know there aren't that many jobs here in Australia for Science Research. Also the fact that...