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  1. J

    What was your overall English mark?

    And which did you do, Standard or Advanced? I got 84 for Advanced.
  2. J

    I got 81.00, and did nothing all year.

    I didn't do homework, bluffed school work, and just read from the textbook for like an hour each subject. All I needed was 76.00. And I see all these nerdy Asians and geeky White people who study from dawn until dusk, and brag about getting a 90+. Well I'm a hot white girl and didn't fo anything...
  3. J

    Mucked up mark.

    The marker marked my Trial BNW/BR essay as 13/15, but they were supposed to be out of 20. My teacher said to call the school and ask him what the new mark will be next week. He said it will be 17 or 18. Which is more likely?