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  1. Mountain.Dew

    SULS Event - Cruise Bar

    worth going 2, for $15? anyone know when the event will end that nite?
  2. Mountain.Dew

    For First Years 06 - Kennedy's Article

    hello to all first years law students 06! i was wondering, about the 2nd seminar, when we had to refer to Kennedy's article...what exactly is Kennedy trying to argue or put forward? there is a lot of legal jargon and extended vocab in there, and many of the grammatical structuring is putting a...
  3. Mountain.Dew

    Diablo III?

    Apparently, rumour has it that Blizzard is going to release the next sequel in the "Diablo" series. Discuss anything about this new game here! What would you expect, e.g. new hero classes, new weapon types, return of the Prime Evils, changes to the storyline...? Perhaps a move to 3D, better...
  4. Mountain.Dew

    HSC Made Easy - Tutoring

    This is an update to my last tutoring thread, because it is kinda lost in the sea of the many threads that appear every so often. I'll be honest and truthful with you. I didnt get a UAI of 100 *SHOCK! HORROR!*, (2005 HSC UAI: 99.00) or any other top state rankings and honourary mentions *cue...
  5. Mountain.Dew

    Career Advice - Lawyer turnovers

    i realise that many people, after graduating from law school and have worked for a few years in a large law firm, would like to start up their own practice with say, 3 or 4 other people. my question is, what is the average turnover of these newly self-employed lawyers? i dont really...
  6. Mountain.Dew

    withdrawing offers...

    just curious on how you would withdraw an accepted offer... i rang the student central office @ UNSW and they said that i only have to send an email to to say that i want to withdraw my offer in <this course> and that's it. is there another way, or is this the only way?
  7. Mountain.Dew

    The Simpsons Favourite Quote Thread

    this might have been in the forums before, but heck, heres a new one. post ur favourite simpsons quote(s) here! share the to speak. ;)
  8. Mountain.Dew

    Help with finding a good laptop for uni!

    hi all, i am considering getting a new laptop for uni. i had a discussion with my friend about it, and he came up with a list of specs that would make a good laptop: -CPU: Centrino (at least) + wireless -RAM: min. 512 MB -Graphics card: ATI Radeon X OR NVIDIA Geforce 8600 --> however...
  9. Mountain.Dew

    The Desalination Plant

    was it worth it? is the government getting desperate? views, opinions are welcome
  10. Mountain.Dew

    CSP or DFEE for Combined UNSW Law?

    hi, i got a UAI of 99.00, and considering doing law at uni. however, i realise that the UAI cut off last year for combined law at UNSW is 99.15, 0.15 above my UAI :( is it still worth putting CSP combined law at UNSW as a preference? is there still hope in getting in even in the late...
  11. Mountain.Dew

    Help with choosing a new laptop!

    hello! i am looking for a good laptop computer that i can carry around and use at uni. i have a tight budget (around $2000-$2500, $2500 MAX) so i am looking around for good deals. i need help with finding good laptops to buy! first priority--> a good graphics card!
  12. Mountain.Dew

    Chinese mainland movies...imported here?

    do u think that some of the chinese mainland movies, like Promise and Perhaps Love, will have audiences here, as in screening them in australian cinemas? i knew that Hero did (brilliant movie), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon did, Kungfu Hustle did (i think), but i wonder with the other recent...
  13. Mountain.Dew

    Engineering - is it worth it?

    To All who is involved with engineering in one way or another, is it worth doing engineering? i have been to one of the open days at usyd, and i found engineering to be quite interesting. however, i have done a little bit of research and heard a lot of opinions, and they all said that there...
  14. Mountain.Dew

    Rome: Total War + Barbarian Invasion

    i got addicted when Shogun: Total War came out, THEN medieval total war, then a year ago, Rome: Total War (best total war game...literally cant get off it) and now, Barbarian Invasion. pity i dont have it :( *sobs* anyone else play it, or any of the total war series games?
  15. Mountain.Dew

    Actuarial Studies + Law...worth it?

    i did get UAI 99.00 and i find that actuarial studies seems interesting, but i do want to keep my options open. is doing actuarial studies + law at maq worth all the workload and effort? is it possible to 'drop' actuarial studies and just pursue law? would you suggest any other...
  16. Mountain.Dew

    Soccer Rules Thread

    ask any question about soccer rules, and hopefully some soccer experts that loom around these forums will answer them for you. just to get it started, heres a question for all ur soccer gurus. in a match, one team player fouls an opponent. lets say Kimmy pushed Johnny a bit too hard. Just...
  17. Mountain.Dew

    Magic Card Tricks

    neone know any good magic card tricks? share em with us so that we can impress and entertain family, friends, and the unwary!
  18. Mountain.Dew

    For all those soccer fans...oops, called football now

    in a match, one team player fouls an opponent. lets say Kimmy pushed Johnny a bit too hard. Just as the ref was about to blow his whistle, Johnny retaliated back, pushing Kimmy again. A brawl erupts. Now, the question is, as the referee, who should get foulled, or yellow carded, or red...
  19. Mountain.Dew

    Magic: The Gathering

    who is or was interested in Magic: The Gathering? tell us all about it, ur worst defeats, ur greatest victories, if u still play, magic, nething!