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    CVEN2002 v CVEN2501 in summer

    Hi which of these courses is easier to do in summer? - dont particularly like programming lol. Or would it be wiser to do CVEN4030 in summer in a later year?
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    Course Pack Query

    Is it ok to use the previous year's course pack for MATH1131? E.g. use 2014 course pack for this year?
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    change degree after 1 semester, can i apply through UAC? From comm/law to comm/media

    Re: change degree after 1 semester, can i apply through UAC? From comm/law to comm/me yes, im pretty sure you can transfer from comm/law to comm/media. I've called UAC and contacted student central, and they said this is possible, and can be achieved regardless of how you perform in your...
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    Hating my Engineering degree and want to transfer to Commerce

    Yes, i am eligible for HSC plus and according to that scheme i should get 5 bonus points. Does that mean i am very likely to get in? Even if the demand is amazingly high? (e.g. cutoff of 99.95, ofc this is unlikely!)
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    Hating my Engineering degree and want to transfer to Commerce

    Hi, I'm currently doing Engineering and particularly finding it stressful and uninteresting. I want to transfer mid year to Commerce as I found these kind of subjects particularly interesting in high school. (i know this does not mean ill love uni commerce but i definitely prefer it to...
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    Topics from 4u for MATH1131

    So mainly look at complex numbers and integration from 4u? Which specific topics from harder 3u and the rest of the 4u course? (i imagine that we dont need to know stuff like harder induction etc.?)
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    Topics from 4u for MATH1131

    I'm this has been asked a million times..but which topics should i cover from 4u for MATH1131 other than complex numbers, mechanics and integration?
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    Which famous cricketers have you met?

    Yep, met a bunch of the commentators yesterday.
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    Which famous cricketers have you met?

    All of the South African team, Glenn Mcgrath, Mark Taylor, Brett Lee, Ricky Ponting, Monty Panesar, Michael Slater (met some of them yesterday lol)
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    Contact hours for Comp Engo

    how many hours do we have to go to uni for computer engo
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    Raw Marks Thread

    lol, yeh i got 15/20 for multiple choice and ended up with 90 exam mark :P
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    Raw Marks Thread

    i bet aligning for economics was like: 90 raw=90 exam mark
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    Who is Australia's greatest Prime Minister over the past thirty years?

    you cant deny that rudd's implementation of the stimulus package also helped us get through the GFC..
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    Economic Essay Predictions

    maybe something on fiscal policy?
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    How to answer this economics question? Smart people please answer!

    Basically, this question is not focused on the impacts of the movements of the currency on the domestic/global economies...rather it is actually asking you in an obscure way the reasons for the movements in the exchange rate-where both the domestic and global economies have been responsible. So...
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    Need help with Economics Homework please!

    alright, so for the balance of payments: Capital and Financial Account + Current Account=0 (where the Balance of payments simply refers to the two accounts as a whole) So Current Account has three components: Net goods and services, net primary income and net secondary income. When the three...
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive transformers function on the basis of a change in flux DC will not produce a change in flux (unlike AC)
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    UBS Cadetship

    ive got an interview with PCA for it
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    Cadetships 2013 thread

    Some people had group sessions/interviews today, so ofc not all offer have been sent yet :)