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    Dropping out in Mid-break

    Hello, I'm thinking (not decided yet) about dropping out/deferring Uni. If I was too, I'd want to do it before the census date, the 31st of March. But with the Mid-semester break on next week, would I have to do it before the break to beat the census date, or can I drop out during the break...
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    Difference between MATH2120 and MATH2121 ?

    What are the differences between MATH2120 and MATH2121 ?
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    Do you regret going/not going to Uni ?

    Additionally, post why you chose what you chose and post the degree that your doing/you did (if you went to Uni) ! Cheers.
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    Complex Numbers Vectors Problem

    Let P,Q,R be 3 points in the complex plane such that P,Q,R (going anticlockwise) is an equilateral triangle. Let the point P and the point R be representative of the complex numbers z2 and z1 respectively. Find the complex number represented by the point Q in terms of z1 and z2.
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    What is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time ?

    In your opinion, what is the upmost greatest mathematical discovery of all time and why?
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    Lecture sequences ?

    Hello, I want to enrol in SCIF1121 and the class timetable site says it is still open (, but it only has a lecture sequence 1 of 2, and doesn't say anything about a lecture sequence 2 of 2. Is there even such a thing? I mean why would they have...
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    No Lecture for Math1081?

    Hey guys, My courses for semester 1 are: MATH1141, MATH1081, COMP1000 and COMP1917. I'm now choosing my classes/timetable, and everything's fine except for MATH1081. It says I need both a tutorial and lecture class (obviously), but there are no lecture options listed under the lectures tab...
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    My degree is impossible!

    Hello, Yeah my degrees probably not impossible, I'm just retarded that's all. I'm doing a B Advanced Maths/B Computer Science and for the maths part it says I need at least 30 CP of year 1 courses to be allowed to start doing 2nd year courses. But the only first year courses that seem...
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    Core vs Electives

    Hello, Which computer science courses are core and which ones are electives ? Thanks
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    Dropping out

    Hello, I've accepted my UNSW main round offer, so I'll be going to O-week on the 22nd, but I'm still uncertain whether or not I want to do my degree. In the scenario that I decide that it's not for me, when is the deadline before I have to pay for courses? Cheers.
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    Youth Allowance now a loan ?!

    Hey guys, I got an email the other day saying that the student start up scholarship has now become the student start up loan. Is this separate from Youth Allowance, or is it the same thing? So say I do get Youth Allowance, will I have to pay it back in the future? Cheers
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    Core Computer Science vs. Computer Science Electives

    Hello there, what is the difference between core computer science courses and computer science electives? I'm really confused because I'm doing the double degree of advanced maths and computer science, but I thought they got rid of those annoying free electives in double degrees which was how...
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    Is University worth it ?

    Hey so I've just done my HSC, and was planning to go to UNSW for a double degree with honours for 5 years, until I saw this: Now, I am truly scared about going, is all of this true ? There's no way I'm going if it is, 97 atar gone to waste... Help!
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    Legal Requirements of Private Tutoring

    Hey yall, I've decided I want to try tutoring high school maths at either a NSW public library or the students' homes to get the $$$, but I'm just plain confused about the legal requirements of doing so. For example, the government says that what I intend to do counts as a business...
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    Career possibilities with a Bachelor of Maths

    Hey y'all, What careers in maths (statistician, data analyst, consultant etc.) would a Bachelor of Maths actually open up ? I hear a lot from others saying a career in maths usually requires a masters, possibly a PhD, and 5 years experience, whether it be in academia or in the industry. Is...
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    Software Engineering without Honours ?

    Hey y'all I'm considering doing the BSc Advanced Maths (Hons)/BE Software Engineering (Hons) at UNSW, but I would not want to do it if I did not have the option of not doing honours for engineering (i.e. just honours for advanced maths). Surely I can do this degree without engineering...
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    Is Honours worth it for computer science or maths ?

    Hey y'all, In terms of maximising your employmentability and salary, is doing the extra year of honours in fields that are related to computer science and applied maths worth it ? Thanks
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    Travelling to uni

    Hey y'all I plan on going to either Macquarie, UTS, USYD, UNSW or UoW next year, but I live in the worst location possible (bundeena NSW 2230). No matter where I go, it will take me atleast 1 hr driving or 2 hrs public transport. So my question is should I just manage my time really well and...
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    What is Data Science ?

    Hey y'all, So now that I've got my atar (97.15) I need to decide what uni degree to do. I was originally looking at doing the double degree of adv maths and conputer science at UNSW, but then I heard about this new thing called data science which is apperently the same as maths but more...
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    Musician or retail ?

    Hey y'all, So I've just finished my hsc and am looking for a source of income before starting uni. I have 2 real options in mind; I can either get a job in retail/cafe or I could use my musical talent to play piano in bars or at functions and stuff. So my question is which one should I go for ...