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    CVEN2002 v CVEN2501 in summer

    Hi which of these courses is easier to do in summer? - dont particularly like programming lol. Or would it be wiser to do CVEN4030 in summer in a later year?
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    Hating my Engineering degree and want to transfer to Commerce

    Hi, I'm currently doing Engineering and particularly finding it stressful and uninteresting. I want to transfer mid year to Commerce as I found these kind of subjects particularly interesting in high school. (i know this does not mean ill love uni commerce but i definitely prefer it to...
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    Topics from 4u for MATH1131

    I'm this has been asked a million times..but which topics should i cover from 4u for MATH1131 other than complex numbers, mechanics and integration?
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    Contact hours for Comp Engo

    how many hours do we have to go to uni for computer engo