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  1. stargaze

    Budget mp3 players

    Hey peeps, Wondering if ppl had any input on which of the following is probably my best bet. Just after a cheap, 1gb, durable mp3 player. Would rather be getting a monster 20+gb something but just don't have the cash to spend right now. My choices: - Ipod Shuffle (gen 2) 1gb ($109) -...
  2. stargaze

    Tutoring for Maths and English

    Hello there! My name is Caleb and I completed my HSC in 2005. I'm currently going to enter my 2nd year of uni (physiotherapy @ USYD). Okay anyway, I'm offering tutoring (from primary to HSC level) for maths and english. In particular: 2U Maths Advanced English Extension English I did 3U...
  3. stargaze

    jeans for shorter guys

    hey ppls, wondering if anyone know where to get jeans for shorter man. Admittedly my height genetics weren't great, so i'm about 165ish cm. I've got jeans overseas that have a 30" leg which are a good length. But does anyone know what brands here have 'shorter' legs, like 30"? Levis here...
  4. stargaze

    Basic T-shirts

    Heya guys, Does anyone know a good place/brand to get plain coloured t-shirts? With the conditions of having a decent fit and preferrably v-neck? I have a lot of bonds ones but they stretch and are kinda see through. Thanks! been looking out for awhile now!
  5. stargaze

    favourite poem

    post it up! i don't have much of a poetry database, but I'm a fan of: William Ernest Henley. 1849–1903 Invictus OUT of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of...
  6. stargaze

    Writing competitions

    Does anyone know of any, at all?
  7. stargaze

    Uni students applying for undergrad med 2007

    Hey ppls, I applied for med last year (at most aussie uni's) but got no interview etc. My UMAT was the downer mainly, but my UAI was that hot either. So yeh, I'm doing physio @ usyd atm, which is challenging enough, but I'm going to have another shot at undergrad med. So yeah, if u are a...
  8. stargaze

    Proxy Enrollment

    I'm going to be overseas during enrollment time for USYD. What type of information/proof do I have to provide in my letter saying that I allow my parents to enroll for me? Thanks
  9. stargaze

    UWS Medicine 2007

    I'm just wondering who is considering doing Medicine at the University of Western Sydney when it opens in 2007. So far, I've found little information regarding the type of marks etc needed to have a chance. I've done my HSC this year, but based on my UMAT (primarily) I won't be doing med in...
  10. stargaze

    Cumberland Campus (Health and Sciences)

    Hi there, Could anyone who goes to the USYD Cumbo campus enlighten me on how its like? I've always liked the idea of going to the main USYD campus, admittedly cos its in a nice location in the city + is a good looking building haha. But I'll most likely be doing Physiotherapy (Applied Science...
  11. stargaze

    Website template sites

    Hi ppls, I've got some time to spare atm and I thought of building a website. I've done this before, but I've forgotten a lot of the html and stuff that I learnt ages ago. Basically I just want something that looks pretty nice. Does anyone know any good FREE website template sites? I plan...
  12. stargaze

    Best books to read

    Hi ppls, I've just finished high school, and wondering if there are any recommendations of real good solid books to read. I've found this list: Basically I want to read something/s that are powerful; not in the sense that they are complex +...
  13. stargaze

    Coles Myer: Job Application Update – Great News! email

    What I am meant to make out to this email? Does it mean that I have little chance of making it? I think the 'good news' is a bit deceiving, because it says: So, is that a nice way of saying that I didnt get it? Haha, thanks ppls
  14. stargaze

    2004 HSC multiple choice

    Does anybody have the solutions? Or care to share them?
  15. stargaze

    Income inequality causes

    What are the actual causes? Like, I know things like the GST, deregulation of labour markets, recent tax reforms have heightened inequality, but if asked a question what actually is the CAUSE of inequality, what have u ppls got? (cant find in textbook)
  16. stargaze

    Dot point from 9.3.4

    Choose equipment and perform a first-hand investigation and performa first hand investigation to identify the pH of a range of salt solutions Could someone elaborate a bit on this, I can't seem to find my prac sheet on this... And while I'm here... from the same dot point Perform a...
  17. stargaze

    CSSA Answers 1993/1994/1995

    This resources section hosts these papers (which is great!), but does anyone have the solutions for them?
  18. stargaze

    Banality // Sensationalism

    Referring to Frontline (telling the truth)... Is there an issue with covering the banality of current affairs, as well as the sensationalism that occurs in current affairs? My concern is that banality and sensationalism are kinda contradictory, and by saying (in an essay) that the media is...
  19. stargaze

    dot point help 9.6.6.

    - Explain that acidic environments accelerate corrosion in non-passivating metals Perform a first-hand investigation to compare and describe the rate of corrosion of metals in different acidic and neutral solutions Um, for the prac one... whats t he actual results (cos i didnt finish it)...
  20. stargaze

    CSSA 2002 issues

    Hi ppls, Just doing the CSSA 2002 paper, and theres a number of stuff that I was really unaware of. Has there been a major change in the syllabus or something? Or perhaps the qs are just very very unusual~ I'm referring to q17, q18 (can they ask that specific?), q19 (wtf?!), q24 (wtf?!)...