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  1. LightOfTheSeven

    Would transferring to Usyd solve any of my problems / help me?

    Current student at Macquarie, and I'm seriously considering a transfer to University of Sydney. I was planning to do some cross-institutional study at Usyd, but due to reasons I'm not going to bore you with, I missed the deadline. A bit about me -I love reading and history, often finding...
  2. LightOfTheSeven

    UAC: The solution to my problem?

    So, I want to transfer to B. Security Studies at MQ. I'm a current student at MQ (doing a B.A) with 15cp completed and a low credit average. Looking at the selection criteria, I must have four credit grades in PICT first year subjects (the department who runs Security Studies- PICT110, PICT111...
  3. LightOfTheSeven

    Cross-institutional study for Arts @ Usyd in 2018

    Currently a MQ student with too many electives, and Usyd have subjects I'm interested in. Interested in European Studies, which is sadly not offered at my university. Plus, next semester all my MQ subjects are going to be completely online so no ~campus confusion~ I 'applied' for it at...
  4. LightOfTheSeven

    Goals for 2017 at Macquarie

    As uni starts tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to have a place where we can discuss our aims at university- whether they are social, academic or personal! Even if its just getting through the year, that's incredibly valid and important. No matter if you are first year or just finishing up...
  5. LightOfTheSeven

    4 Interests (Potential Majors) in 2 degrees?

    Currently doing a B.A So, my goal for this year is to transfer into the concurrent degree of Bachelor Of Arts / Bachelor Of International Studies (not the same as IR!). I'd need a GPA requirement and some signatures. But my crisis on the previous thread is continuing and expanding. There is...
  6. LightOfTheSeven

    POL108- Introduction To Global Politics

    So, this was the first unit I enrolled in and I'm starting Macquarie this semester. But in the last 24 hours I've started to really doubt this course. Although those fields interest me (enough to think enrolling in Global Politics was a good idea), I have no intention whatsoever to major in...