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  1. chockie

    First-year history

    The first year history subjects are all really broad...more overviews of time periods etc. than specific and indepth towards a certain event. That can be good or bad. I hated the Middle Ages course, probably because I knew nothing about the Middle Ages when I started it, and so going through...
  2. chockie

    Can I still change subjects?

    Is it a bad idea to change subjects now...seeing I'd have missed some lectures already? And i'd probably end up with a worse timetable? Or do a lot of people do it?
  3. chockie


    Ok...for my degree I have to do one arts major. I originally put history for my subject choice, but while I would enjoy it, it seems kind of a dead end. Unless I wanted to be a history teacher, which I don't. Was reading about anthropology yesterday and it sounded interesting...but I'm still...
  4. chockie

    how do i change subjects?

    No email so far either, and now the myuni login page won't even open for me :(
  5. chockie

    Ever done anything REAAALLY embarrassing?

    Once in Telstra stadium everyone was standing on their chairs cheering and stuff...they're those flippy chairs. I stuck my foot in the gap between the seat part and the back, and lifted my other foot at the same time. Yeah...I flew over into the aisle behind and grabbed whatever was...
  6. chockie

    Know anyone, or going it alone?

    I keep getting horrible visuals of me going a whole day without speaking a word to anyone...too shy to go up and introduce myself :(
  7. chockie

    How accurate is SAM? 2005ers, please come in

    With my HSC marks, it was spot on...SAM said 98.15 and I got 98.15. But earlier in the year i estimated marks and it came up with 93 or something. So yeah, you really have to wait till the HSC marks come out.
  8. chockie

    USyd Enrollment Confirmation Letters?

    yeah i just got mine today.
  9. chockie

    What UAI did you get?

    SAM said 98.15 that number went round and round in my head as i slept but i expected a bit lower UAI was 98.15 :D
  10. chockie

    Arts at USYD crew!

    Nyeh....I put history (liberal Studies advanced) but i don't want to be a history teacher or anything there a point? I don't know :(
  11. chockie

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    I've just done a bit of reading and I'm leaning towards I'll probably see you there :D I'm going to ask my friend about italian - she did it for the HSC as well so I'd have someone to practice with. But thanks for the's on the list :)
  12. chockie

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    Yay! i'm not alone...although I'm doing advanced :( Um...I'm not sure what majors, but I was thinking maybe history and psychology or marine science? I don't know. And language...psh, probably French or German or something. Any suggestions? What are you doing?
  13. chockie

    Uni Acceptance

    what course was that ktg?
  14. chockie

    Uni Acceptance

    same thing happened to me. i was below the '06 cut-off by .4 and i got in. odd.
  15. chockie

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    is anyone doing liberal studies or liberal studies advanced at usyd? please... i suddenly feel very isolated :(
  16. chockie

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    Bachelor of liberal studies (advanced) at sydney uni
  17. chockie

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    1st preference :D Can't believe it - the cut-off for this year was 98.55 and i only got 98.15! how did that happen??? Oh well...not complaining :)
  18. chockie

    Some USYD cutoffs are out

    liberal studies advanced is up a little bit...great. i'll just miss out if that's right :( Please tell me those cutoffs aren't definitely 100% true...
  19. chockie

    HARRY POTTER & the goblet of fire!!

    I didn't like that either. And i think i wouldn't have hurt to add an extra half hour...the first half of the movie felt too rushed. It didn't feel that long as a whole, so i don't think keeping more in would've made it drag at all. I liked it when Harry spat his drink when Cho looked at him :D
  20. chockie

    invitation from USYD?

    ALL my preferences are with USYD, i got over 98 UAI and NOTHING.