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  1. BK-Jatz-Gal

    "We suffer because of our bonds" - Uchiha Sasuke

    i dont agree... havin researched Naruto (i find it interesting history wise) a lot of the content is about the characters and the decisions they make in terms of who they are and where they belong... yes there is a sense of identity but there is also a major concept of journey and belonging...
  2. BK-Jatz-Gal

    What Are You Reading?

    Elizabeth Haydon- child of blood series... looking for requiem of the sun! i didnt realise the trilogy was part of a larger series... :p
  3. BK-Jatz-Gal

    Free Laptop

    this sux... i go to a catho school... n believe me there are no where near enuf fockin computers!!! but yea... i dont really care i think just offer he laptops to the kids who want one otherwise i no kids at the public school who end up wit like three per family not to mention the ones they...
  4. BK-Jatz-Gal

    Chemistry Summary

    i agree n simce i am totally failing chem cud someone... anyone really... please either update the link or tell me where to find a summary just as good? thanx guys
  5. BK-Jatz-Gal

    P.O.M Syllabus Practise Questions

    do you happen to have the answers to these question my chem teacher refuses to mark them...