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  1. notthedevil

    Raw marks report

    Okay so apparently raw marks report on all my subjects costs $188 which is awful, because they force you to buy a results check as well which brings up the price. I'm not really sure what to do, like I really want my raw marks, and I only wanted to get a results check on one of my subjects :/ I...
  2. notthedevil

    Percent of people getting in with 99.5+

    Disclaimer: I know I won't get in with my ATAR!!! I'm simply curious about the stats and stuff. Just wondering what percentage of people who get accepted into Usyd Law via ATAR are getting ATARs of 99.5+? I would assume a few people would get in with a score less than that, just dont know how...
  3. notthedevil

    Results check

    Hi, my school recommended that I get a results check for one subject, and possibly some others. Just wondering when you get a results check, is it possible to have your new result be lower than what it was without the results check?
  4. notthedevil

    Length of law degree after transfer

    I fucked up my ATAR pretty badly and that means I will not get into any law courses above 98, and USyd is well and truly off the table. If I do a year of Arts and then internally transfer into Arts/Law, will I still only be at uni for 5 years, or will it always take longer to complete the degree?
  5. notthedevil

    Monash and USyd Law

    If I get an offer to USyd Law, would I be crazy if I still took Monash Law instead considering USyd Law is so highly sought after? Or are they both extremely similar and reputable, and I'm really overthinking this whole prestige/employment thing? I just like the idea of living in Melbourne a...
  6. notthedevil

    Breaking up during HSC exams

    Is it a good idea to do this? In a relationship and I want out. It feels like such an effort to talk to my s/o at the moment because I have my exams to study for, and I don't really know if I like them that much anyways. They keep pressuring me into calling them on the phone even though I'm...
  7. notthedevil

    Is a 99 ATAR possible at this point?

    Sorry, I post these types of things a lot but it's hard to know where I'm going and where I need to be :/ Was just wondering if a 99 ATAR was possible in relation to my internal ranks and trial marks (which aren't a perfect indicator I know, but it's probably the best way to tell idk)...
  8. notthedevil

    Help for Essays for National Study and Conflict?

    I'm not sure really how to consistently write really good modern history essays worth 25 marks. I did the same strategy for national study and international study of peace/conflict, but my results for each were pretty different. We have PEEL (point, example, effect, link) but I don't really do...
  9. notthedevil

    Difference between internal and HSC results

    Just out of curiosity bc it would vary a lot between schools, for people who have finished HSC, was there a big difference between your internal school mark in a subject (the one you get on your school report) compared to your HSC result for that subject?
  10. notthedevil

    Bouncing back from trials

    Just bombed Visual Arts trial today, pretty stressed about it :/ I keep seeing these articles about people bouncing back from Trial marks and ending up with amazing ATARs, but this doesn't really seem that plausible for me. I mean you see these people from like Art of Smart (godawful website...
  11. notthedevil

    Cohort affecting my marks???

    In French Continuers, I'm currently ranked 2nd out of 4 students, but the gap between me and first is around 2 percent. In terms of overall internal marks, basically it goes: Student rank 1: 93% Student rank 2 (me): 91% Student rank 3: around 77% Student rank 4: around 65% Could this...
  12. notthedevil

    Deactivating/Deleting social media to study for HSC

    Has anyone done this and if so, did it work well? Ironically enough, I'm procrastinating way more than I used to just bc I'm so tired of school and just sleepy in general lmao. Just thinking if I cut myself off from sources of procrastination, it will keep my mind more school-oriented and...
  13. notthedevil

    Structuring Essays

    Would this be a valid way/structure for answering the essay section of the exam for Extension 1 (this is for genre btw)? Disclaimer: I dont want to integrate my texts (writing on multiple texts in one paragraph) as its too difficult for me and my marks are fine without it. - Intro -...
  14. notthedevil

    skills needed for LAT

    Is there any indicator that you can look at to know whether you'll do well in the LAT? Like, does doing well in English Advanced or Modern History tell you anything about LAT performance, or is it just a completely different way of writing for LAT?
  15. notthedevil

    The AMOUNT of time creative pieces should explore

    I have a problem where I write creative pieces and they explore too many events in too little detail. What amount of time, or how many significant setting changes, should an EE1 creative contain/explore, so that it doesn't become too cluttered with random events?
  16. notthedevil

    What's more important: the uni itself or the city it's located

    I'm in a unique situation where I live a 3 hour drive away from Melbourne and 6 hours from Sydney, meaning that I will have to move regardless of where I choose to go to uni. I'm really unsure however if I should be considering the university course itself more than the city that the uni is...
  17. notthedevil

    99 atar?

    Hey guys I know I've posted something similar before, but I still don't really know if I've put in enough effort so far to get results that would get me to a 99 ATAR. Basically I don't really know if I'm in a good position, or if its possible to get a 99 with these results so far. I'm in a...
  18. notthedevil

    Studying law but not set on being a lawyer?

    I was wondering if it would be a bad idea if I studied a combined law degree if I don't have a massive desire to become a lawyer in the future. I enjoy studying law and I'm interested in learning about it, but it might be impractical to lengthen my time at uni for something I likely might not...
  19. notthedevil

    ATAR Goal Evaporated?

    These last 6 weeks or so have been a bit iffy for me in terms of how I feel about the HSC and I want to sort this out before we get too close to trials. My ATAR goal since Year 11 has been 99.9 just because it qualifies me for academic scholarships and also it is very high thus even if I don't...
  20. notthedevil

    ATAR Estimate / Guidance

    If anyone could help me understand what sort of direction my ATAR is going, that would be great because I really have no idea what good results look like. School Rank 2017: 329 School Rank 2016: 215 School Rank 2015: 286 Subject | Mark | Rank | B6, 2017 | B6, 2016 | Year 11 Mark (Rank)...